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23 weeks pregnant – twin bump pictures! Also I am hosting baby kickboxing tournaments at present.

May 2, 2009

25 April – 22 weeks 4 days preggo with the twinnie eggos. (Also no stretch marks at this point!)


I know this isn’t the most anonymous of pictures, and therefore I am breaking my own rules, but I thought I needed to share that every single time TMD takes bump pictures, I end up with terrible sneezing. I have to lean over and really brace myself, making unattractive grimaces, in order to minimise pain and pissing myself!!


Baby bump a dump. The day I wore this shirt is also the day that I got to ride in a motorised wheelchair around a store. I am sorry I do not have a headless picture of  that shot, because I enjoy it. If you are my facebook friend, it’s now my profile picture. If you are NOT my facebook friend but are not a crazy stalker, perhaps at some point we will be friends?!


29 April – 23 weeks 1 day pregnant with the babies.


I don’t know why, but apparently now I am obsessed with sneeze photos. As you can see, this is an action shot – hence the bluriness.


We bought this top very early in pregnancy. TMD suggested I should try it on – and it fits. Shock horror. We originally bought it ’cause I liked the pattern, though it looked completely fucking ridiculous…it was literally like I was wearing a tent. Now it is all screwy fitting – lots of room across the top back, but pretty well fitting across the bump. This top is two sizes too big AND a maternity top.


This is me attempting to convey the width of the bump. I don’t know if it truly comes across.


I have lots of pictures of vitamins, daisies, and my cat, but have decided to show you the view from my latest hospital bed. Above these curtains is the ceiling – painted an apricot orange. The whole thing is like living inside a sunset. Hopefully I’ll never need to spend longer than a night at a time in this particular ward…(not because of the sunset colours, though.)


Last night I took another bath. I’ve gone from thinking they suck to feeling like they are an indispensible part of being alive. I always liked baths, but pregnancy has made them uncomfortable. No longer. My bump is so big it happily sticks out of the water of even a totally full tub, so I don’t feel I have to worry about accidentally poaching the babies.

ANYWAY. It was awesome!

Something I didn’t tell you about the hospital stay was that the first night they listened to the babies with these special monitor things – big round circles they put on your tummy. I just kept saying, ‘How cool! This is just like those baby shows on tv!’ I think the midwife thought I was weird. Moving on…

The babies sounded like they were fucking kickboxing in there. Extreme kicking on both side. And it was SO LOUD because we could hear both at the same time, and the volume was turned way up. The midwife laughed and said we were going to have our hands full when they arrived.

The interesting thing about this is that I discovered a whole new feeling of baby movement. What I had assumed were giant, killer gas bubbles abruptly shifting (you know the feeling, admit it) was actually babies. So now I’ve got low down gas earthquakes, kicks in every direction, and general squirminess. They seem particularly active around 9-11 pm.

So back to bathtime. I was feeling primo kicks, and also saw Mano kick – my bump shot upwards about an inch!! I screamed for TMD (as you do) and she came in. Mano kicked again and there was no mistaking it as us just being hopeful – even pragmatic TMD said she saw the movement. She also put her hand over it and Mano kicked again, so she felt him! Was so happy.

After awhile she left me to my own devices (that means I was reading Make Lemonade for the fiftieth time and loving it). I began to feel the gassy feelings I’d had when the babies were kickboxing at the hospital. I looked down at my stomach and fuck if it wasn’t like some sort of deathmatch going on! Both babies were kicking – saw lots of right-sideways-bump-lurching courtesy of Torre – but with both babies going, my bump was swaying slightly from side to side and sort of slow motion rippling!

I don’t know what they are doing in there, but I don’t know if it looks fun!

I think I’m going to go now as I have to pee so badly I am sure I will leak when I stand up. Add that to the fact that I’m wearing a Fat Lady nightgown my mother sent over (with a maternity belt over the top of it), and you have one hot sexy girlie. I can’t imagine why people aren’t flocking around from neighboring streets, begging to have their picture taken with me.

First hospital stay of the twin pregnancy.

May 1, 2009

Hello, kids. I’m happy to report I’m writing from home and not the hospital.

Oh, wait, you didn’t know I was in the hospital? I guess that’s because my only way to communicate to the outside world while in hospital is by updating twitter. It occurs to me as it gets closer to Baby Time that twitter will be how I let people know what’s happening – please note I can’t read your responses to my twitterings while away from the computer, but they are appreciated when I come back!


I called the hospital last night to describe the pain I’d been having. The midwife said I needed to come into labour and delivery immediately. Yeah, I know. I wasn’t too worried about it all and showered quickly before we left, because my stay in the hospital last summer taught me you want to go in as clean as possible because god only knows when you will next get a shower.

I was a bit shaky and nervous – hopped up on nerves, really – because who wants to hear the words ‘labour and delivery’ at 23 weeks pregnant?

TMD and I drove to the hospital (takes 20 minutes at 8:56 pm, note to self) and immediately got ushered into a private delivery suite. Cue detailed history of current pain, questions about my SPD, listening to both babies at the same time, and pissing in a little cardboard bowl that fit neatly over the toilet seat. The midwife was brilliant. We then needed to wait a tiny bit for the doctor – during which time period TMD discovered the very unfortunate CD choices for giving birth – including Eminem and Shakira. Whatever you may think of either artist, do you want to push your babies out to this music?

The doctor came in, palpitated my tummy, and then did a visual check of my cervix after explaining that with twins the biggest worry is premature labour. My cervix was tightly closed and nice and long, thank god. She also took a swab which was PAINFUL like a mofo. Does pregnancy change the sensitivity of your cooch or something?!?

This whole exam thing fucked my SPD up pretty badly – laying flat on my back is not a good idea, and the doctor also had me spread my legs. This is a big SPD no no. It was pretty awesome when my back began cracking and creaking really loud, and I was making that painful inhalation noise all over the place.

Doctor said she suspected bad ligament pain from my rapidly expanding uterus (measured at 25 weeks last week and at 31 WEEKS last night! That’s a big jump in growth, kids.). Said the babies were okay and there was nothing to worry about. I was given some codeine stuff and told that I had to spend the night.

Thankfully TMD and I are optimistic realists, and we had packed a bag before leaving home. I was put into the antenatal ward at about 11 pm in the evening, to enter to nighttime nightmare of Snoring Lady, Sobbing Lady, and painful hips & back. I swear to god, had I not gone home today the hospital would have crippled me. We’re going to buy some special pillows and stuff to support me with the SPD, because chances are this won’t be my last hospital stay this pregnancy.

This morning (if a whole night without sleep leads to morning, which I have since found out it does) had some more baby listening. Also saw another doctor, who said I was fine to go home assuming urine stuff was okay. My dipped urine tests were fine, but they were waiting for results from some microscope test or something. About ten minutes after this interlude with the doctor, the midwife came back and said they were going to let me go & would ring if there was a problem with the test results. She had one final listen to the babies and I was sent on my merry way.

I am in a good deal of fascinating pain today, and have accordingly strapped on my maternity belt to hold up my increasingly heavy bump. While Bumpy has been big before, just in the last day or so it has started feeling really heavy down low. I’ve got the belt on in such a way that it’s like an extra pair or hands holding my bump up, so that I can use my real hands to lift my legs up and down off the couch.

Spent today sleeping – and I am notorious for not being able to sleep in the daytime. Now am awake and awaiting a call from my mobile phone company. Whilst in hospital I realised I cannot receive texts from TMD (wtf, when you are in hospital, middle of the night texting becomes very important), and then today had the realisation that I have received no texts from anyone. And here I thought Aussie was on crack for telling me she had texted me some Very Important Stuff earlier in the week.

Mobile phone company are calling back to do a full phone reset or some nonsense, but the update they sent through appears to have fixed the texting issue. I even got Aussie’s text from earlier in the week. Have received text from a variety of friends – but still cannot receive from TMD. None of her old texts came through, either. Going to tell the phone people to leave my phone alone, because now the problem may be hers. Hope we get this sorted out, as she is obviously the main person I text with during the day (and middle of the night, when I am lying awake in hospital!).

I was yelled at pretty bad (in a professional way) by the doctor I saw last night, who strongly admonished me I should have been in hospital the second these pains began. Every midwife told me I must call immediately for any questions or niggles. And the doctor today said the same thing. Everyone kept repeating that the biggest worry is premature labour, so I need to take this all seriously and not worry about bothering them.

I think I’ve got this ligament pain for awhile now, so will ring only if it gets massively worse or changes in some way. My next antenatal appointment and scan is next Friday (t minus six days), so hoping that everything really is hunky dory. Dopplers are fine in their place, but it is always nice to have a visual confirmation that the bags of waters, placentas, etc are all good. I guess the only oddball thing is that one baby’s heartrate (Torre’s, we think) was higher than usual, but still normal. Over 160, though. The midwife this morning said they were 148 and 162 – the exact opposite of what the babies were doing last night. I suspect one midwife or the other mixed up the whole ‘twin 1’ ‘twin 2’ thing.

So, the upshot: I was smart to have TMD pack a bag, babies are fine, my body is slowly falling apart but will hopefully go the distance, and I am 23 weeks pregnant and measuring 31. Also if this isn’t wind I can’t blame my mother and her fucking fiber bars!

Love to you all.

No, I’m not a psychoanalyst. I’m warm and fuzzy.

April 28, 2009

Let’s be all psychoanalytical together, okay? Well, maybe not analytical. After all, when I talk about umbrellas I don’t want you assuming I’ve been raped by my father or anything like that. (Oh, ha ha, a joke possibly funny only to those in the profession? Or all? I don’t know.)

I had a stressful dream this morning. I was with a group of people – Green and three others I didn’t know – and we were travelling to Costa Rica. Everyone else got checked in just fine, but I somehow only got a ticket for halfway. It went to the layover spot, but then I didn’t have a boarding pass for the second half. This was a bit confusing as I had assumed it was a direct flight. I went from one airline staff person to another, getting increasingly distressed that no one seemed that bothered about the fact that I didn’t have a ticket to go the whole way.

Obviously this is about pregnancy, no? I’m 23 weeks today – that’s 15 weeks till Splash Down (as I’m due to deliver at 38 weeks). I’m embarking on the second half of pregnancy, and this week will be nice to complete, as babies are viable from 24 weeks. Clearly I’ve got some anxiety about the second half of pregnancy – and whether or not I’ll be able to make it the whole way.

Fine. I don’t need to re-enter therapy to figure that dream out.

But what about the one with the worms in it? Now that was a grade A champion gross out dream, and also very distressing. No doubt an analyst would have much to say about it.