links for me, not you.

romance writing related

Carina Press – reasons for rejection
Harlequin – tips
Mills & Boon – tips
Mills & Boon – new voices top four
Show me something novella

awesome kid related stuff

Treeblocks treehouses/wooden toys
Custom Toy Paintings – this may be Bunny someday
Preventing dehydration from vomiting
Peaceful Parenting’s Amazon list for gentle discipline
Intro to attachment parenting
Stacking rainbow puzzles(wooden)
Epipen holders (for when Snort is older!
Natural, non-toxic toys and food stuff
slow cooking – beans recipes
build an igloo with plastic furniture – house dust mites
wooden fire station (other wooden toys, too!)
‘tree’ building blocks
wooden building blocks and other wooden toys

stuff i need to think about

Erica Jong – anti-ap (boooooo!) (and her kid who needed therapy)
and an uninformed lady
Circumcision and human behaviour
A Piece of Blue Sky – full book pdf

Random, yet awesome

Wood cabins – future therapy/writing office?!
Possible total crap – to be investigated. free plotting course
Notes on Camp – radio show.
Brave kid defends brave teacher
Mother is best…even better than breast


S’mores stuffed choc chip cookies
Graham crackers
AMAZING LOOKING garlic bread

Home Education

My blog – ask for the link and you shall receive
The bitter homeschoolers wish list

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