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Snow day!

January 19, 2013




The Burp Song! Audio only, folks.

November 19, 2012

Those of you who are long term readers will know about my video forays into what I have now termed ‘musical-improv.’ This term describes about 80% of my life.

I make up songs, and three of four times I happened to video them.

Today’s offering is not my own creation. No, the kids’s Nana taught us the words. But shortly after Snort was insisting I sit on them both – to warm them up with my bum so they could hatch – Coconut asked us to sing this song.

The video is about fifty seconds of what probably amounted of …..a lot of minutes. Every time we tried to stop ‘singing’ they kept begging for more. Beware letting your kids listen to this, because ours are making us play it again and again and….

I made a pretty thing! Um, I mean, Our parenting philosophy and why we home educate.

November 10, 2012

Costumes! Nighttime walking! Candy!

November 4, 2012

Twins are a wonderful thing. But somehow, for us, twins meant not celebrating a lot of holidays and things until after their third birthday. I don’t know why. I think having multiples can be so demanding on your time and energy that there isn’t enough left over for extensive decorating – or in our case, anything extra. We had enough energy reserves to deal with playing, feeding, bathing, and minimal housekeeping. Anything above and over that has been zilch until just these past few months.
Which is why, at the ripe old age of three, they went trick or treating for the first time. In retrospect, I don’t feel very guilty about waiting – because this year, the kids were old enough to really participate and love every second of it! They could also understand what we were doing and a bit about why, and have the capacity to remember it for next year.

Coconut and Snort didn’t do any little-kid-changing-of-the-minds. From the start of October, Coconut was clear she wanted to be a pirate, while Snort was infatuated with Tree Fu Tom. It is totally by luck that both styles of costume fit over coats – something I would have aimed for consciously if I had remembered my own childhood misery of having to zip up over my costumes.

And to hear their little voices singing out, ‘Trick or treat!’ Oh, it killed me. Such a sweet, fun milestone. We could have gone on for hours, which was unexpected, had not the heavens opened and a monsoon ensued. Still, despite Country B not being big on Halloween, we managed to scare up about ten houses that were giving out candy before we had to bow out due to the weather. And another parental bonus – because it gets dark so fricking early here, even in October, we were out on the streets in the four o’clock hour. I can’t wait till next year!

Now I look forward to them being about fourteen, because I will take them to my mom’s house for the ENTIRE month of October and scare the shit out of them in haunted houses! If I don’t break and decide to create the first Country A style haunted house in Country B before then. I seriously reckon I could make a killing. Figuratively.

On Thursday, I went to the club.

October 20, 2012


Thursday evening I was up in bed….at least until two pairs of feet ran up the stairs, shouting, ‘The party is ready! Come ON, Mama!’

I went downstairs to find that TMD had turned all the lights in the kitchen off. She’d put those fake candle things inside our jack o’lanterns and they were glowing softly, and she had on Finger Lights. Finger Lights are like little coloured laser pointers that have loops on them so they can attach to your fingers.

TMD and the kids were all wearing pretty fucked up costumes, and TMD was intently making finger light patterns, pretending she was some sort of disco ball. (‘I want more of these. Make your mom send more. In fact, I want these on my fingers all the time. No, I want them to BE my fingers!’)

Wildly inappropriate music was pumping from the radio, and everyone was just dancing like loons.

Of course, yesterday morning the kids begged me to recreate the party. They’d already dumped out costumes and found the Finger Lights. Imagine their disappointment when I was unable to make the kitchen pitch black. Instead, we went on to do other wildly fun things, some of which may make an appearance here at some point.

In the meantime, happy Saturday. Sorry I have not responded to your commiseration comments regarding ivf not working. I read them all. Twice.

Remembering gratitude.

October 15, 2012


Building a community of cool kids.

October 5, 2012


You know how you know people online but rarely get to meet all the cool people out there? Since moving to our new city, we have been lucky enough to meet a fellow blogger-turned-friend who lives here, too. And Coconut may or may not be obsessed with her child, who I will call Smiley.

I swear, you guys. ‘I miss Smiley! I wish we could go to Smiley’s house and jump on her bed. I wish Smiley could come here and jump on our beds. I am really, really sad. I miss Smiley and her mummy!’

This morning I showed the kids the two pictures on this post, which Smiley’s mum took on Wednesday, and Snort was like, ‘Oh! it’s our friend!’ Coconut, on the other hand, started crying and begging to skip gymnastics so she could go to Smiley’s house instead. Wowza.

Of course, Smiley’s room does have a windowsill to sit on, before launching yourself into forward rolls on the bed. As seen below.


Smiley’s house also has a bathroom where I was quietly peeing before Coconut ran in to see me, and Smiley’s mummy was treated to the sight of me half naked. Twice. I figure that’s enough to make her want to ask us to live with them.

Today is the first day all of our stuff has dried, since our inaugural visit to their house included a walk under blue skies and in the sunshine a half mile down the road to a park. A good time was had by all, until suddenly all hell broke loose and dark grey clouds unleashed their fury. Heavy, gorgeous rain….and hailstones. Smiley was up in a sling, but bless them for not running off and instead ambling along at the pace of two three year olds.

I do feel horrendous about the lack of regular, consistent friendships for the kids (and me!)….though Smiley and her Mummy are my dream. Our kids get along, and I really like Lauren. Family friendships are the holy grail!

Coconut loved Smiley in a powerfully crazy way, but I think her sadness about not seeing her every day is possibly linked to us not having playdates at our house or friends’ houses. Either that or she is going to be a stalker when she grows up.

What I need to remember.

September 30, 2012



September 7, 2012


Shopping for sperm.

August 21, 2012

TMD looking up possible sperm donors. We didn’t get to do this last time. I feel like I’m in a movie.


These bitches all have allergies.