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I am turning into such a hippy (I know it’s hippie, but I only officially know as of two seconds ago and it makes me nervous) I don’t recognise myself anymore.

February 20, 2012

Because I know you all love hearing about my vagina, I’ll tell you something that is pure, decadent luxury – reuseable cloth wipes. Yeah, the sort you might use with babies. Fleece on one side (oh, so nice on your vajazzle), terry/bamboo on the other.

I’ve been curious about ‘family cloth’ for ages. For those who aren’t in the know, it’s using these reuseable wipes rather than using toilet paper. Because I don’t sew – or own any cloths or receiving blankets I can just chop into little rectangles, I ordered fifteen used ones off ebay for a song.

They live in a little pile next to the toilet. While one day we will prettify things (read: once we’ve moved house), I have an empty butter container (pure class) on the shelf above. I do my thang, wipe (oh, bliss! toilet paper feels so horrid after using cloth…), stick the cloth in butter tub, and go about my day.

I’m only using it for The Pee. While I know people the world round use these cloths for baby poop – and adult – we weren’t cloth diapering long enough for me to be cool with shit covered cloths hanging out in my butter tub. We no longer have a mucky wet bag, or in the case of twins in reuseable napppies, a giant bucket sitting in our bathtub. So I still use toilet paper for my poop, though I admit I’m curious to changeover.

Fifteen wipes isn’t really enough, so if any of you peeps DO sew and want to be charitable, we accept any and all awesome wipes. Especially as if my kids ever stop pooping/peeing in nappies and decide to switch over to toilets on a regular basis, they’ll probably use cloth wipes, too. (Except that to both of them, particularly Snort, toilet paper is The Coolest Thing Ever.)

So. Yes.

In conclusion, it’s like wiping yourself with a soft cloud of joy. Reuseable menstrual cups have completely revolutionised my period (have I written many posts about them?), and these wipes are revolutionising voiding my bladder. Between these two products, my area is so happy.

(Do you use family cloth? For your poop? How do you get the poop off? Can you just wash the cloths in with your clothes – as we don’t have cloth nappies to wash?)