Keeping it real.


If you are matter of fact, kids don’t question shit. Case in point:

I’m observing bathtime. Snort splashes water in Coco’s eyes.

Coconut: OW. My EYES. Ow, Mama, ow!

Me: Are you okay? I can’t touch you right now, my hand is dirty.

Snort: What is that little cup?

Me: Every now and then, grown up ladies have blood come out their vaginas. So I use this little cup to catch the blood.

Snort: Oh.

Coconut (who has been listening and totally calm and fine): Oh, okay.

Coconut: MY EYES!!


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One Response to “Keeping it real.”

  1. Mel Bowman Says:

    I had a similar conversation with my son, but he kept asking me WAY too many questions for a 4yr old – you got off way easy! The trouble with being open and honest with your child is that most parents aren’t, and 4yr olds are bound to repeat things in the most socially awkward situations.

    Case in point: about a month later, he declared at breakfast that he was going to ask his teacher if she has “the blood” since she was cranky and that he was going to tell the girls in his class that when they get bigger they will have “the blood”. I begged him not to, and tried to explain that those things are private and not questions you should ask.

    I’ve experienced few situations more mortifying than having to warn his teacher that my son might ask about her period – if only to spare her from the shock if he didn’t heed my warning.

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