I’m just so tired. Just want to sit and do nothing. Like, be in a comfortable chair, maybe under a blanket, and just stare into space.

The kids are still recovering. Fevers still ongoing, Snort’s nose is like a tap, Coconut is coughing like crazy. She also just gagged at the flavour of ibuprofen and threw up on me. No matter how I clean it, my wrist still feels sticky.

I know I should be cleaning the house, getting rid of germs. But I can only just at manage to pretend to be a dog and play catch with Coco, or feign enthusiasm over Snort’s Angry Birds video. He’s now quietly doing Hama beads on his own while Coconut is singing in the corner. Ah, no, just the act the typing that has jinxed me and he wants me to play.

I’m too tired to play, to clean, to cook. It’s day five of our housebound odessy of illness, and the way I feel right now I may never want to leave the house again. I need a break, y’all.


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