Weekly roundup 6 – 12 April 2013



TMD was supposed to write this weekend’s stuff. Considering it is the end of the following weekend and we are all sick, let’s keep it simple. The only thing I remember from this day is that she took them to a city farm in a nearby city. Apparently lots of fun in the natural playground, fake drums being played, feet propped on fences, etc.


More angry birds were made, potatoes, chilli peppers, and tomatoes planted.


Kids played superheroes together for aaaaaaaages, before we headed off to the gym. Grampy came along as gym sessions are intense and really require one adult per child, especially if your children are prone to breaking bones. Both kids got loads more individual instruction today than ever – both on the beam and both on the trampoline. The coach spent ages with Snort trying to help him learn the start of a seat drop on the trampoline (she’s all, one big jump, then fall on your bum, legs out and toes pointed. Bless her.) Eventually Coco got a turn and when asked, ‘Do you want to try dropping down onto your bum like your brother?’ and she just did it, like no big deal, yo. I think the coach was more into her today because she didn’t have Bunny, and they did bond last session. Snort sucked her over to the beam because he was just merrily racing along the full size beam on his own. Ha.

We then met up with Chuckles (Coco’s friend from her Friday gym class) and her mum (who I love! We are like the naughty kids in the back of the classroom) at a new park. Kids had ice cream – wtf it is still so cold – went on the swings, hijacked Chuckles’ scooter, played on steps, but largely ran around chasing each other with large sticks. Also a little bout of hide and seek, where I hid behind the ice cream van and had to shout shit like ‘You’ll never find me! Hahahahahah!’ at the top of my lungs to give them a clue because I apparently am too good of a hider.

Came home, kids played out with Grampy for a bit, we did a massive tidy, then Coconut helped me make dinner.


Today was not what I ‘planned’…..which was either staying in, swimming in the afternoon, or a possible haircut for Snort and trip to the library.

Instead we took their Grampy to what we refer to as ‘Jungle Ball Place.’ They’ve called soft plays ‘ball places’ since they were babies, and so they remain. Spent all morning and a big chunk of the afternoon there, and the first couple of hours they played with this other little boy and girl, and invented this big game of counting then sliding down the bumpy stairs, and gathered quite a crowd of kids to them. Other than that, normal soft play stuff, really.

Came home and Coco played outside with Grampy for a bit while Snort wrapped up in a blanket and watched them. They watched ten minutes of Mr Ben with Grampy, then…I honestly have no recollection of what we did. Before the ball place, though, we had a chili pepper tasting session, and then the kids played some iPad games with Grampy.

My pelvis was pretty amazingly sore after soft play, so at four we came up to my bed and watched the Phineas and Ferb movie (how much do I adore it, let me count the ways) and ate popcorn.


Left fairly early in the morning as we were planning on trying out a new dance group with Jazz and Lauren. The kids were happy to see Jazz, especially when Coconut spotted them across the street as we were getting out of the car. Her voice was all high pitched and excited. Dancing was fun, it was a dinosaur theme. Coconut and Snort were by far the oldest there. It didn’t seem to bother them, and in some ways they were the only ones actually interacting with the teacher. I think we would definitely go again, particularly as the younger age group combined with the relaxed attitude of the teacher meant it was very kid friendly. Afterwards Jazz, Coco, and Snort ran wildly around the big open space, also enticing other children, or made us tea in the play area. We all had lunch.

In the afternoon we were to the free soft play otherwise known as Toys R Us. As long as we go in with the expectation that we are not buying anything, the kids are happy to browse and play. We also wandered round two other shops because it was sort of warm and we were having fun.

Came home and the kids mostly played together. I find that if I sit down with a book they will let me be, but if I sit down with the iPad they will always join me. Consequently I managed to finish a book yesterday!

Their games were varied and complex and I admit I missed most of them during my read-a-thon. They did let me play with the Bananagrams letters with them, where we we looked for various letters, spelled out names, and arranged them into a giant boat.


We were supposed to meet up with Artiste and Other Lady and kids for our Thursday mini HE meet, but I felt so exhausted in the morning it was overwhelming to move from the lounge to the kitchen. I also had this feeling the kids were going to get sick, and so I begged off.

The only thing I remember from this day was lots of lying in bed I was so tired! The postman delivered our new trilogy and we made popcorn. Therefore, the main learning lessons of the day included that Madagascar 1 is good for about thirty minutes then it gets boring, Madagascar 3 is terrifying beyond all fucking belief and should NEVER be watched by anyone (or at least the first ten minutes are. I don’t know about it beyond the crying, quivering ten minutes mark),and Madagascar 2 is just right. It is the Goldilocks of movies and can be watched over and over, especially if you have had a mocha just to stay awake while lying in bed.

They also discovered two old jewellery boxes and I was too listless to stop them, so the final playing of the movie featured every piece of jewellery I own being spread over the bed. Snort wore about nine necklaces.


Snort had a high, high fever and lay comatose most of the morning as he’d been up since five. I cancelled my dentists’ appointment I’ve been waiting for for five weeks (!) because I didn’t want to leave him. Add in some Snortie vomiting, some me accidentally losing consciousness a couple of times, and then being trapped under a heavy three year old who was sleeping stretched out on my body….and you get a seriously cranky Coconut. Snort had about one good hour, and he and Coco played, much to her joy.


Coconut used to call Snort ‘Daddy Dog’ and I had forgotten about it, till she resurrected it this week on a couple of occasions. It’s changed to ‘Snort Dog.’ Am I the only one who just heard a voice in her head go, Snort Doggy Dooooo-ooh-ooog.


2 Responses to “Weekly roundup 6 – 12 April 2013”

  1. Lyssie Says:

    I’m definitely imagining Snort as Snort Doggy Dog now.

  2. mendylady Says:

    Definitely not just you.

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