Dancing can be awesome as dancing alone. It doesn’t need to teach us to read or multiplication.


I’m hiding in the bathroom for a possible two minutes of peace before we leave for ‘dance class.’ I think it’s a fairly relaxed group that focuses on creativity, not learning steps, which is great. Going with Jazz and Lauren, which is even greater.

I’ve heard good things about this dance place, but have to say I was given major cause to roll my eyes at the description. It reads like its up for inspection, listing all the things your child will gain. Okay, fine. The bit that was a bit ridiculous was literacy and numeracy skills. Really, can’t dancing for dancing’s sake be enough? Must we prove to the letter how educational everything is?

I hope it’s on there to look good. Like a bit of the old one, two, three, one, two, three…..as opposed to games or dances created just for literacy and numeracy. I’m all for learning in creative ways, but I’m also all for arts and creativity with no apologies or excuses attached.


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