Mini break.


We had our first night ever without kids last night. Well, since we had kids, but you know what I meant.

We were in separate cars, so as we left MIL’s house to drive to go out to dinner (!), I had my first opportunity to drive alone at night while blaring music. In over thirteen years. Seriously. You guys know I didn’t get my license in Country B till well after the kids were born. I used to LOVE driving and last night was AWESOME. Dinner with TMD was nice, too….heh.

Came home, watched a bit of shitty tv, and then we both just collapsed and passed out. Ah, parenthood.

This morning I have had a couple of hours alone before I need to go pick Coco up for gym. So I have stretched, sat, slumped, and pseudo slept on the couch, alone, under a thick blanket, while watching shitty morning tv. It is AWESOME. Like ten million steps beyond awesome.

I forgot those little pieces of me. I totally forgot how good it feels to sing to very loud music while alone in the night. I never get a blanket to myself.

I love my kids. But wow. I love morning tv, too.


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