Do you like me inebriated?


I don’t blog big style. My old blog got almost too big, with too much exposure, so I started this quiet anonymous blog to function more as an old fashioned diary. That being said, in no way does anyone want to read about my dental nightmares.

Yes, I’ve had a glass and a half of wine. I’ve not drunk in about a year? Yes, I feel it.

And maybe I am turning into a dental hypochondriac. Or a more accurate term might be a dental obsessive. And a worrier. And a I wish I was rich so I could fly to country A and get ACTUAL dental care rather than trying to choose between a shit heap, a place that can’t see me till May, and a third place I know nothing about but will see me tomorrow.

I’m two timing them all. Registering at all these fucking places, making twenty seven appointments, reading clandestine reviews online and judging places by the receptionists’ phone manner.

Sweet Jesus.

And lots going on but this weekly roundup stuff seems to eclipse the need to post about the daily grind, so I suppose the future holds more stream of consciousness rants? Except not drunk. Everything I post is stream of consciousness. I don’t edit or plan or whatever. I’m also not drunk.

I kind of want to read more…shit, I mean drink more….and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

In other news, I’m finally reading the fifty shades trilogy and am like, what the holy hell. You call that BSDM? I may not play with whips and plastic bags over my head, but a couple of spankings and use of the word ‘sir’ and people are all amazed and sexual?

Jesus Christ, again.

Apparently my mother stopped reading it cause she felt like she was sinning. I will probably keep reading it, but I will say that it is no surprise it is fanfic based on Twilight. Same characters, same style of writing. That being said, I plan on rereading the twilight series next- despite thinking it was pretty much total shit the first time around. Sorry, Tia, sorry, people who like it. I don’t judge you. My favourite storyteller, aside from my grandmother, is Stephen King. Do you judge me?

I’ve had nightmares about dentists for a million nights running. Dental care here is like stepping back in time. Weird little pots of polish and shit. I was like seven when that was acceptable. Where are the ultraviolet lights to clean me? The dentists who don’t shrug off the fact that I can’t chew on my right side?

I don’t expect the fancy shit my Country A dentist offers in terms of ambiance and standard of care. But, like, Jesus.

Sort my fucking tooth out, seriously. And don’t make me rinse with a shitty cup of green liquid from 1984. Okaythanksbye.


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One Response to “Do you like me inebriated?”

  1. tiareads Says:

    ahahaha! i’m not saying it is the best written thing ever—it is very far from it. i do like it, though.

    my new favorite book is unspoken by sarah rees brennan. READ IT. seriously. ooh! or the raven boys by maggie stiefvater! both really good!

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