Tribal wanderings.


I have so much I want to say. But I’ve been hit with this brutal combo of having a cold and having insomnia. Not very conducive to me being coherent in the evenings. I want to write about playing piano, the social worker’s visit, dead people, my kids’ first job. But I’m just too damn tired!

Part of that is also being I am so damn busy. My lacklustre motivation has faded somewhat, leaving behind a parent who was only in the house for two days last month. How is that possible?! Of course we still have lots of free play at home, but we have been increasingly going out and doing things. It’s nice.

The other nice thing is the creation of my tribe. Considering we haven’t even lived here a year yet, I feel pretty plugged into a network of like minded people who also happen to be parents. I’ve met people from my blog, local home education groups, the kids’ sports classes, and even Facebook. Today we met a family who basically lives round the corner – we became friends on Facebook as we lived in the same city and were both in the same facebook home education group. They came over today and it was good times.

So we now have some families we really like. We live in an area ripe with things to do, if also somewhat more rainy than the surrounding areas. I can even navigate to a few basic areas without needing to rely on Debbie, my sat nav. Life seems good.

I am regaining the spirit of adventure (and skills of survivorship) I had before we moved, more willing to venture out to new places further afield. I will soon be trying to meet up with Lady and babies, though I have not yet asked her, despite the fact that they live a whopping two or three hours away. And once my sister moves to Country B, well, I hope that is as awesome as I think it will be. I really want to soak up her Blondieness while I have the chance, before the wandering bug bites her again and she is off to Germany, to Colorado, to Brazil.

As our last official year school-less comes to an end (though our first year of officially not being in school is just around the corner!), I want to help my children and myself explore the world and our potential. I want to get out in the mud more, to hear other people’s stories more, to learn from the world around us and the people we meet. And how lovely to be able to do these things with a growing network of good friends by our side.



One Response to “Tribal wanderings.”

  1. Mel Bowman Says:

    You’re very fortunate to have a tribe. Life is very isolated without one.

    Be well.

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