Adios, swimming lessons.


You guys, I am just crying. Or trying not to cry. And then crying again.

Yes, my period will be here soon….or at least it SHOULD be, though my cycles are still nowhere near regular since the failed IVF. So that may help you think I am just hormonal and not simply an overemotional mother.

You see, swimming lessons are today. At the first mention yesterday, Coconut started crying. And she’s been crying all this morning. Like, heart wrenching, soul shattering crying. Begging me to let her stay home.

My gut is saying, ‘Stop the lessons. I want swimming to be fun, not evil. I don’t want to give her a complex.’ Part of my brain is saying, ‘But they need to learn how to swim!’ A lovely friend has commented (on Facebook, where embarrassingly anyone who is my friend can read that I have been crying and I am an indecisive fool) that they have their whole lives to learn. I can only thank her for that injection of sanity.

I floated the idea of Coconut sitting on the side with me and watching Snort swim. She was happy with that. He was not. He was the opposite of okay.

So I’ve just placed a phone call to the pool, explained the situation, and have been given the number of the swimming coordinator. I am praying we can receive at least a partial refund. This cost 125 smackaroos in our expensive brand of currency. That shit is a lot to us. A fucking TON. I didn’t mind spending it when I thought they were going to learn a lifelong necessary skill. But paying it so we can sit at home/do other shit? Not so cool with me.

If we can’t get a refund, I guess we can’t. The last time Coconut did an activity without me, she broke her arm. And you know, even if that wasn’t the case, she is allowed to not be ready for this. As is Snort. The whole point of home education is surely to cater learning experiences to what they are ready for, when they are ready for it. Sometimes that means pushing ourselves, but sometimes it means losing 125 pounds and trying to not think about all that money being flushed down the proverbial swimming pool.



3 Responses to “Adios, swimming lessons.”

  1. Lyssie Says:

    I’d agree that they’ve got their whole lives to learn, it’d be lovely if they knew how to swim before their fourth birthdays but I think pushing them into something they’re not ready for will only spoil things in the long run. Hopefully you’ll be able to get your money back and you can try again in a year or so when Coconut’s feeling a bit more secure and has forgotten about what happened.

    • me Says:

      I think she is still sort of impacted by the broken wrist/arm. I don’t think I fully appreciated how this was still bothering her on multiple levels. I think time is probably the best healer, and the year you’ve suggested is pretty realistic – after all, they’ll still only be four then! I have trouble remembering just how young they are sometimes.

  2. Jennie (jensta79) Says:

    I sent Handsome for swimming lessons when he was three – on the first lesson the instructor put a floatation vest on him and literally threw him into the pool, out of his depth! I made a complaint but the damage was done and he wouldn’t try to independently swim for a while. He’s eleven now and loves the water and swims well – we taught him in the end rather than taking formal lessons, and I think I’ll do that again once baby Sweetie is old enough.

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