Toys R Us employs superheroes!



So, I am not one to mention company names on my blog, but today I was so blown away by the customer service in Toys R Us I am happy to do so. While it normally isn’t a regular haunt for us, we’d gone to buy some presents for an upcoming birthday party. The kids each had a crappy helium balloon – not purchased at Toys R Us – tied to their backpacks. As I was finishing up paying, I heard heartbroken sobbing.

Snort’s balloon had untied and floated up to the ceiling, which is easily forty feet high. Coconut began to sob, too, begging me to get Snort another balloon. Both were crying like a world tragedy had occurred, which I suppose it had, in their world view.

The woman who’d served me immediately said, ‘We’ll get that down for you!’ She got another staff member, and they covered another helium balloon in sticky tape and added enough string to allow it to reach. After minutes of unsuccessful fishing, they decided to switch to this huge other balloon which was a bit more helium-y and also had more surface area. They went through the whole ordeal of preparing the balloon again, and lo and behold, a balloon was returned to my son!

I was blown away by the whole thing. Coconut and Snort were overjoyed to have the balloon back, and I was grateful for the opportunity for them to learn that people can go completely out of their way to try to make someone else’s day a bit better.

The most awesome thing was that these two people looked like professional balloon fishers; this was obviously not their first time rescuing a balloon and saving a child’s day. It was inspiring and human and awesome.

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One Response to “Toys R Us employs superheroes!”

  1. Lyssie Says:

    I love this so much, I also love Coconut’s smile in the photo – she’s like a little ray of sunshine on this miserable day.

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