Queries on how to get Princess Consuela Banana Hammock in a see through laminate pouch.


Okay, folks, I need input and/or assistance. Any help is appreciated!

1. name changes
We want TMD to change her last name to mine. The kids’ names are Coconut/Snort MeaningfulMiddleName TMDlastnameassecondmiddlename Mylastname. In retrospect I think I’d have preferred to take her name, but in actual fact my last name is fairly peppy and easy for the kids to read already.

I mentioned this morning she ought to get on this whole name thing, so we can all have the same last name on the birth certificates. She just texted to say that all she has to do is start using my name, as our civil partnership is the only proof required for a name change, no other official stuff needs to happen. Any married peeps, gay or straight but definitely in the UK, have info? Is this correct?

2. laminated officialdom
I joined a well known home education charity in August, mainly to get the little laminated membership cards as many places ask for ‘proof’ before offering a discount, despite the fact that home educators are under no requirements to register or join any networks. This charity appears to be in a royal clusterfuck and we’ve not received our cards, so I think I’d like to just make my own little card (which I’ll post on the blog for anyone who wants to have one!) with a blurb about the law.

As previously mentioned, we have no printer. Does anyone out there have a printer and a laminating machine and is willing to print out a few cards, laminate, and post them to us? I can pay costs.

(Yes, I know I can explain no proof is required or universally available, but I prefer to wimp out and just offer a card.)

3 tidying up
No, you don’t need to come to our house to clean. This is more to say a huge thank you to all the new readers that have reached out in comments or otherwise! I really appreciate it and, to be honest, get all fluttery when I get a new comment.

Also thank you to those of you who have commented with helpful suggestions for the whole swimming thing. One of you, someone we are privileged to have actually met and hung out with a few times, despite her living on the other side of the globe, suggested these little rubber bracelets with animals on for Coconut’s swimming lesson. I have ordered them and just hope they arrive by next Wednesday!

4. favours returned
Is there something I can do for YOU? Do you have questions about anything you’ve read here? Drop me a comment and I’ll do my best to help you out!


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14 Responses to “Queries on how to get Princess Consuela Banana Hammock in a see through laminate pouch.”

  1. Lyssie Says:

    When I got married all I had to do to change my name was take along my marriage certificate to bank/work/wherever and say I now wanted to be known by this last name and that they should update their records. There’s no cost involved, however if you both wanted to change your name to the double barrelled TMD-Existere you’d both have to do that by deed poll which costs I think £29 per name.

    There’s a bit more info about name changes here http://www.ukdps.co.uk/ACouplesRightsUponACivilPartnership.html

    • me Says:

      Brilliant! This is as expected, then. Wonder if she needs to send the original along to change her passport. Ugh. I hate giving people it original documents!

      Thank you for the info! I’m happy something about this process is simple.

  2. mamacrow Says:

    Lyssie confirmed what I thought about no1!

    re no2, i found being known to our LA meant I had a letter to waft, but then you want to stay under radar don’t you, so that dosn’t really help…

    4 – birthy vibes please. I’m now a week over due and freaking out because if I don’t give birth by next friday, I’m booked to have my waters broken which means a hospital birth and probably not a water birth either, both of which utterly terrify me. So labour enducing vibes please!

    • me Says:

      Rumour has it our LA has crazy welfare and EHE checks – both twice a year. We wouldn’t allow visits, but I still dread the confrontation!

      I read this stuff on your blog. Why can you not have a water birth at hospital? Cause they don’t have the facilities??

      I assume you are doing all the old get that baby out tricks. Can’t believe you may need your waters broken when you’ve already had a few kids! Your uterus is a stronghold.

      I am vibing for you. Hard.

  3. Mel Bowman Says:

    I have a printer and a laminating machine, and I’d happily make your cards and send them. However, you’d be waiting a while for shipping from the states. If you don’t mind waiting for Air Mail, by all means, send it over.

  4. Liv Says:

    Or I have both in the UK – if easier.

  5. Liv Says:

    And have you come across this?

    • me Says:

      Ooh, no. There are so many home ed camps and I want to go to all of them! Are you on there? Should I hunt you down and friend you?

    • Liv Says:

      I haven’t joined the page yet, but I like the fact it is something you can just turn up to for as long as you like, so we can judge it by the weather. In the future would like to try some of the ones with more activities laid on etc. but I think this year running around a field, finding a stream to paddle in and so on are more likely to bring us happiness. You’re welcome to hunt me down on facebook – does the comment show you my email address?

      • me Says:

        There are lots of you on Facebook! What’s your profile pic look like? Failing that, click like on my existere page and I’ll definitely find you. You can then unlike it again, no hard feelings! Ha.

    • Liv Says:

      Liked :0)

  6. mendylady Says:

    Next time you guys are on this side of the pond, you totally need to come visit our neck of the woods. There’s me, Arwyn, etc…

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