Nothing says awesome like day18, 19, or 20 of my menstrual cycle.


I gained three pounds on holiday. Not too bad, considering I found out they had Oreo milkshakes on offer.

Not too bad until you consider that when numbers go up on the scale, I get in a funk and usually lose motivation for a week. So, yeah, I gained three pounds this week, too. Pretty awesome, hey? In two weeks I managed to undo all the weight loss of the previous five weeks! Score! And then I stopped writing here because I was embarrassed.

My preperiod crazies were in full force last week, which contributed to my inability to stay on track. They probably also contributed to a rageful frenzy of unfriending relatives on Facebook (after months and months of just ignoring ongoing criticism I decided it was better to avoid them online).

But it also contributed to my making a big point of reaching out to much loved and longlasting friends, and I talked on the phone, skyped, texted, emailed to my heart’s content. We also met up with Lauren and her daughter (actually, that was a day or so before the crazy really kicked in!), which was nice and a reminder of how busy and fun days can be when you leave the house for day long epic adventures.

I also spent some time yesterday creating new home education picture thingies, one of which is BEAUTIFUL but I won’t post here as you can see the kids’ butts. I’ve also started the Christmas stockings, which look nice and have given me something to focus on in the off moments when I am not shoving food in my mouth. Ha.

But tomorrow…

Tomorrow is a big, big day.

Aussie is coming to our house with Walnut and her new baby, who has not been nicknamed by me yet. They are visiting from Australia and staying at our house until Saturday night!! We cannot wait. I also can fit ALL of us comfortably in my car, so that’s cool. Secretly Aussie and I are hoping the three older kids keep each other distracted away from us, the long suffering adults, so we can hide and drink tea. Her baby can just stay attached to her boob, so that means she and I can PARTY.

You know, when we aren’t actually paying attention to our gaggle of three year olds. It will be such a relief and joy to see her.


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3 Responses to “Nothing says awesome like day18, 19, or 20 of my menstrual cycle.”

  1. Lauren Says:

    I’m so happy for you that you get to see your friends! Do you want to arrange another adventure day next week when you are without guests (I’m sure that will be a hard goodbye)?

  2. mamacrow Says:

    (((hugs))) re period crazies. Really no fun at all 😦

    HOORAH that Aussie’s visiting!

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