14 st 7 very late update!


Sunday weigh in said I was the same as last week. I was cool with that, having lost three pounds last week. When I lost weight before, I would often hold steady for the week after a big loss. I think it was my body’s way of evening things out.

Yesterday, though, was a crazy stressful day. It wasn’t just the endless hospital trip to get Coconut’s cast off, but a huge host of other trips, mostly frantic, soaking wet, and unplanned. By the end of the day I caved and got pizza. I ate a lot then. And four pieces today.

However I’ve pulled myself back from the edge. Despite being stuck in an hour and a half traffic jam today, and despite the frantic half hour search for Snort’s missing Cars characters at a friend’s house, I did not take the easy way out and get fast food for tea. Making Snort and Coconut dinner now, and as TMD is working late I will eat with her when she gets home.

Let’s hope Pizzagate does not make me gain, as ideally I’d still like to lose this week!

I’m not using these past two days as an excuse to give up. No, back on the horse we go. Long term, sustainable weight loss means always getting right back on that four legged beast of fun.


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