The day our cat fake saved my daughter’s life.


I woke up about forty minutes ago. My wife was in the shower, Snort was still sleeping, and Coconut was downstairs. Me? I was lying in bed, luxuriating in the sweet feeling of soft warmth. Then I heard it.

This freaky noise that sounded like baby led weaning gagging. For those who don’t know, the first time you hear baby led weaning gagging, it sounds like OH MY GOD MY BABY IS DYING.

Within a half second, this weird choking sound was followed by the cat going absolutely nuts. Yowling, and I tell you, it sounded like she was calling for help. Of course I imagined that Coconut was choking (and this is what I screamed at a bewildered TMD in the shower – ‘Is someone choking? THERE IS A CHILD CHOKING!’) and the cat was channeling Lassie’s spirit to alert us of this fact.

I’m flailing around, trying to find my glasses, while we run down the stairs. Turns out Coconut was just clearing out her throat six hundred times in a row – something she has never done, so she obviously needed to experiment to find the best technique. These were not human noises, people.

So, I was wrong on one count. On the other, the cat stopped screeching for help the moment we appeared, so perhaps she is more down with health and safety that I previously appreciated. This may bear watching.

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One Response to “The day our cat fake saved my daughter’s life.”

  1. Liv Says:

    I read this yesterday, and it is still making me chuckle.

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