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My mind can be a car submerged under water.

November 12, 2012

Am I the only person who thinks of totally terrifying and random shit?

Example: I was playing on the floor with Snort, and out of nowhere I thought, Jesus, if we were in the car and it went off a bridge or something and got submerged, how would I get them out? Is it possible to hang on to both of them AND create an escape?

I’m telling you, as I smiled and played with his beloved Cars (which were notsubmerged, merely driving round his road rug and occasionally crashing into each other), I was starting to get all crazy and frantic in my head. So much so that I excused myself to go talk to TMD about this. She is very used to me, and told me she’d open a window and hold onto a kid with each hand. I swear to god, I was almost crying, thinking about how they don’t know how to hold their breath.

I then googled and found a great page with clear step by step instructions and a video. I now want to buy a center punch, a small safety device you can hook on your keyring. It easily breaks windows, even when underwater. These things appear to not exist here in Country B. So any reader/stalker that wants to prove themselves useful, source them, spend the two bucks, and post it to me. I’m dead fucking serious.

Shit, my friends, get yourselves one too.

I now know you take off your seatbelt, open a window, get children out, and get out yourself. I seriously need to know if you take them out of their belts before you smash that window open. All the information also focuses on pushing the kids out the window before you – I can’t do that shit. My kids can’t swim and HELL if I would let go of them. Cars take one to two minutes to completely sink, and I have a heavy ass car.

So, do you think about shit like this??