Not all who wander are lost.


You may say to yourself, my, is our pal Existere writing this entry in the heat of Facebook fueled anger? Yes, yes I am.

If you click back to see yesterday’s pic, well, okay. This isn’t just an educational philosophy. It’s life philosophy that just spilled out onto this blog a couple of posts ago. When I reread it, I thought, ‘Yes, this seems to capture how I feel about things.’

And the picture, well, I keep clicking to it on my personal FB page just to refuel my rage tank. And as I looked at it, I think I realize why I love it so much.

There’s that straight road heading off into the distance. My kids can choose to follow that road, but for now we are off roading and learning through living. My kids are off the path, wading into the waters of self-exploration and self-expression. They are figuring out who they are, what is important to them, how the world works, what they love.

I have several degrees. I was interviewed for an elite world renowned university when I was fourteen. These are not the things that define me. And while I love university and obviously keep going back both as a student and teacher, there is a lot more out there in this world of ours. I don’t want to be defined by my test scores, even when they are fucking awesome. Because I am not numbers on a page. Neither are you. Neither are our kids.

So whether our kids are in school, whether we home educate, whether we prefer a mixture of both – we are more. We are capable if we are given the opportunity. If we are allowed to have the freedom to explore, we can discover what makes our hearts burn and our brains delight. We are intelligent when we write a novel, paint a picture, learn an instrument, cure cancer.

We are not defined by others. We do not have to learn what others want us to learn, only BECAUSE they want us to. We have choices. If given the opportunity, we can delight in all the muddy messes of life, wandering when we wish, discovering all the time. Our lives can be illuminated by daring, courage, wit, humour, love, curiousity. Wonder.

We are bigger than the boxes some would put us in. Tonight I want you all to remember that. How beautiful and glowing and full of potential you are, whether you are thirteen or thirty or ninety-three. We all have roads we have not taken, but the earlier we allow our children to choose a path – or to choose to stay OFF the paths – the wider and more expansive their future can be.

So, thank you, Facebook rage. Thank you, you small percentage of people who are unable to celebrate people who do things differently to you. Your inability to see to the right, to the left, around curves – your ability to only see straight ahead of you, on a predefined path, well. That reminds me of why we do things the way we do.

Life is not a competition. Life, if we are lucky, is finding our passion and pursuing it. Hopefully others cheer us along and value what we do, but if they don’t, we know the secret: we do what makes us happy, and we will persist in happiness.


One Response to “Not all who wander are lost.”

  1. Lyssie Says:

    I love that you home educate and I love how happy that appears to make Snort and Coconut. The idea of learning through enjoyment not rigid enforced tasks is just great and I think in a society where the norm is to enrol your children in mandatory state schooling it takes a lot of courage to step away from that and say “you know what, my child’s educational needs are best served elsewhere”. Hearing about how your children seem to be florishing outside of the “normal” education system is a credit to you. They seem happy, well adjusted and quite frankly thriving, not at all like the stereotypes of home educated children as socially awkward misfits. Well done to you for choosing to follow a different path, it’s clearly working.

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