14 st 7. Three pounds down this week


I’ve now lost 39 pounds and over 16% of my body weight. This is a familiar number to me, this 39 pounds lost. When we get into the forties, we are in an emerging and new territory. I don’t particularly feel like I have lost weight or look like it (meaning recent weeks since I got started again), but five pounds isn’t that much when you have a lot to lose. I think I’m at about the halfway point….but only if I decide to be that thin again.

However, my head is different. I’ve never been a headache person, but have had whomping headaches from pregnancy till now. The last year I’ve probably had a headache every single day, sometimes bad enough to make me vomit. I’ve also been very low energy and enthusiasm.

TMD has started doing awesome cooking in the evenings, leaving me with filling and delicious vegan foods for the following day. Largely curries that are so good they make my saliva glands happy. This means a large part of cooking is cut out of my days, which dramatically changes the way I eat. There are lots of beans and pulses in the foods, and I have completely cut out bullshit foods. The only snacks I have had are seeds, fruit, or cereal.

And I feel GREAT. This is my fourth or fifth day in a row with NO trace of a headache. This beggars belief. I also have been staying up later, rising earlier, and having enough energy to make it through most days without wanting to collapse into a heap sometime soon are lunch.

So all of that is fantastic. And I am definitely in the weight loss mindset I was in last TMD when I lost loads of weight, which is even better.

I’ve also started reading the food and mood handbook. Interesting stuff, but possibly not for you if you don’t like science type stuff. I have been eating good mood food, courtesy of TMD, and I have to say I hope she keeps cooking, because things are so much better on many fronts.


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