I made a pretty thing! Um, I mean, Our parenting philosophy and why we home educate.



4 Responses to “I made a pretty thing! Um, I mean, Our parenting philosophy and why we home educate.”

  1. hannahweller Says:

    That’s beautiful!
    Sums up my thoughts on the matter too.
    It’s interesting that when faced with opposition, the only argument *against* it is the “social” aspect.. But there are an abundance of arguments *for* it so I don’t believe in packing my children off for the duration of their precious childhood just so they can have a bunch “friends” their own age.
    How many friends do you have of your own age? And more importantly, who do you learn most from and who brings more to your life?
    For me, the people who tick these boxes in MY life are not the people I went to school with.
    Just some of my thoughts on the subject..

    Any luck with your emails yet Existere?

    • me Says:

      I emailed you for the fourth time this morning! What the HELL. Are you on the existere page? Write on the wall and I can message you on Facebook from my account, as long as you aren’t an axe murderer.

      And I agree. I also thing the socialising thing is such a joke, as home educated kids have tonnes more time to play with friends! Mine have grown in confidence from being exposed to children much younger and older than them. It is a constant delight. It also allows them to exercise different roles, all within the context of being more fully who they want to be.

  2. mendylady Says:

    …’scuse me, I got something in my eye.

  3. mamacrow Says:

    oh that’s one AWESOME pretty thing! love it!

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