Wee related joys. Ending with a dose of poop, because we all need poop talk.


I don’t know if I’ve said this already or not, but I’d like to give yet another shout out to the wonder of wonders that is Not Doing Potty Training. I counted up on my fingers yesterday how long it’s been since the kids stopped wearing nappies, and I cannot believe it has been such a short time…..because I trust both of them 100%. Both had accidents for two days after deciding on no more nappies (a couple of months apart), and neither has EVER had any form of accident since.

Coconut has also been nappy free at night the whole time. Snort isn’t far behind, which is pretty amazing considering we used to have to change his nappy three or four times a night and the bed was still likely to be soaked. She’s commando at night, but he’s in pull ups and often dry in the morning.

We went to the library yesterday and all I brought was Snort’s meds (always have to have them with us, in their fucking giant clunky Tupperware box) and my wallet! This shit is awesome!

What’s not so awesome is my back. It’s dodgy. I have been moaning on my existere Facebook page rather than here, but Coconut’s arm has also been horrible. Three nights of no sleep, a return trip to the doctor for more pain meds, etc. I’m happy to say she’s now definitely on the mend. We are going on holiday in two weeks, so we are cutting this shit fine. The cast should come off two weeks after it was put on, then more x rays to make sure she’s healed. Let’s hope so, otherwise we cancel our holiday as it relies heavily on waterslides.

It’s sunny and gorgeous today, but my back is a bastard. I can’t walk too far, and am afraid of going any place that features three story slides or excessive jolting of her arm, so we may stay in. We’ve missed home ed group for the last three weeks, and the kids miss it, so I guess I try to rest my back for tomorrow. It is ‘s’ week and there are lots of activities planned – one is street dance and another is dressing as superheroes. So it does look to be an awesome time.

Of course, I still have to bring the damn potty because while Coconut now goes on the big toilet all the time, Snort still insists on the potty. I’ve started gently saying that soon we will be saying goodbye to the potty, but all in all I don’t have much to complain about. All our potties are now kept in bathrooms, to get him used to having to wee in there as opposed to our previous luxury existence of potties in most rooms.

This next bit might be dull to you, but it’s incredible to me. Yesterday morning he woke up, took off his trousers and night nappy, and put his trousers back on by himself. And twice yesterday Coconut (who takes her underwear all the way off to wee, since she has to climb onto the toilet) put her underwear back on all by herself.

And. AND. Snort had gone wee, I hasn’t noticed, and Coconut flipping dumped his wee out and washed his potty. I KNOW. She is a helper. As is he – he usually dumps out his own potties. Both are au fait with our reusable wipes (we don’t do toilet paper except for poop, though last week Coconut tried to wipe her own butt and poop that somehow got on the floor, which gave me the opportunity to learn that very poopy wipes do come clean in the wash!)

So. That’s what is new with us. What is new with you?

edit: twenty minutes after posting this, he went on the toilet. Holy wow!


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2 Responses to “Wee related joys. Ending with a dose of poop, because we all need poop talk.”

  1. mamacrow Says:

    WOW on all the potty stuff! i wish it hadn’t taken me several children to just let them do it whenver, though to be fair to myself I did do that with no1, there were external influences with nos 2 & 3

    ((HUGS)) for poor Coconut (and y’all!) and her arm – so glad she’s feeling a bit better with it now

    and muchos sympathies re your back. I’m suffering a bit with mine at the mo, just impossible to get about anywhere 😦

  2. mendylady Says:

    Gestating. Not stressing the potty thing with E. Starting to panic mildly about being about to have a THIRD child to juggle.

    Glad to hear that at least some things are going well on your end of the world!!

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