Costumes! Nighttime walking! Candy!


Twins are a wonderful thing. But somehow, for us, twins meant not celebrating a lot of holidays and things until after their third birthday. I don’t know why. I think having multiples can be so demanding on your time and energy that there isn’t enough left over for extensive decorating – or in our case, anything extra. We had enough energy reserves to deal with playing, feeding, bathing, and minimal housekeeping. Anything above and over that has been zilch until just these past few months.
Which is why, at the ripe old age of three, they went trick or treating for the first time. In retrospect, I don’t feel very guilty about waiting – because this year, the kids were old enough to really participate and love every second of it! They could also understand what we were doing and a bit about why, and have the capacity to remember it for next year.

Coconut and Snort didn’t do any little-kid-changing-of-the-minds. From the start of October, Coconut was clear she wanted to be a pirate, while Snort was infatuated with Tree Fu Tom. It is totally by luck that both styles of costume fit over coats – something I would have aimed for consciously if I had remembered my own childhood misery of having to zip up over my costumes.

And to hear their little voices singing out, ‘Trick or treat!’ Oh, it killed me. Such a sweet, fun milestone. We could have gone on for hours, which was unexpected, had not the heavens opened and a monsoon ensued. Still, despite Country B not being big on Halloween, we managed to scare up about ten houses that were giving out candy before we had to bow out due to the weather. And another parental bonus – because it gets dark so fricking early here, even in October, we were out on the streets in the four o’clock hour. I can’t wait till next year!

Now I look forward to them being about fourteen, because I will take them to my mom’s house for the ENTIRE month of October and scare the shit out of them in haunted houses! If I don’t break and decide to create the first Country A style haunted house in Country B before then. I seriously reckon I could make a killing. Figuratively.



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