Broken arm, schmokin arm.



Coconut’s arm IS broken, not bent. Apparently adults break like dry wood. Kids, especially young ones, break like wet saplings. Gross, right?

She’s elected for an Elmo coloured cast rather than a Cookie Monster, the only colours on offer. Mother in law is upset and feels guilty because she admits she thought Coconut was ‘being a diva’ (MIL’s default setting when a child ever shows any form of upset, though I hasten to add neither of my kids are remotely diva like. I am kicking myself because Coconut still being upset fifteen MINUTES after the injury should have been sign enough something serious was wrong. )

I missed her getting her cast as I was at Bowen, and I am gutted! Happy to report she is much happier now that the arm is immobile. Also that she apparently has a pain tolerance that is superhero like.

Signing off,
Mother of the monkey



2 Responses to “Broken arm, schmokin arm.”

  1. mamacrow Says:

    BEING A DIVA?! O.O well, maybe she (MIL) has learnt from this 🙂

    Glad Coconut’s feeling a bit better with the cast

  2. erinmarshall71 Says:

    Would it help alleviate some guilt for you and/or M-I-L if I told you that I have known more than one lil who had a broken arm that went untreated for up to a few days because they didn’t seem to be in extreme pain; just seemed to be “hurt”

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