Mushy cookies, naked nighttime bike riding, and other pleasant ways to spend your time.


Okay, remember when I asked you all what to do on a day when you are stuck at home? We love being at home, but it is nice to spice things up now and then.

This morning we made what can only be described as banana porridge, but we called them mushy cookies. Give each kid a bowl and a banana. They use bare hands to totally pulverise the thing (great fun!), then toss in a handful or so of oats for them to mix in. We also did raisins. It occurred to me afterward all the other great spices and things we could have added, but there you are: bananas, raisins, oats. Plop into a muffin pan (don’t know what it’s called. A tray with little holes for muffins in it), cook a bit at a reasonable temp, and away you go.

Ours came out like a thick amazingly tasty porridge, though when TMD does this exact thing it comes out as flapjacks.

We waited for the tray to cool off and just ate with spoons! So. Tasty. Like unbelievably delicious. And a filling, healthy morning snack (we also had apples as a side) that should keep us going easily until lunchtime.

The other good thing? Just following your kids’ lead. Like if it is dark outside and misty with rain, and your daughter is naked except for slippers and a superhero cape, why NOT go on a bike ride? The kids rode round and round the cul de sac while we ambled along behind. It was really lovely, so much so that we were back on our bikes in the mist this morning….but no one was naked this time.

So. Those are my two contributions to the ‘what do we do all day’ discussion. I’ve just ordered wellies off amazon, though I am famous for not getting on well with shoes I have not tried on, but I’ve caved and realise that rubber boots are just what I need. Ugh. But also, hopefully, awesome! More muddy fun to follow, no doubt.


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