On Thursday, I went to the club.



Thursday evening I was up in bed….at least until two pairs of feet ran up the stairs, shouting, ‘The party is ready! Come ON, Mama!’

I went downstairs to find that TMD had turned all the lights in the kitchen off. She’d put those fake candle things inside our jack o’lanterns and they were glowing softly, and she had on Finger Lights. Finger Lights are like little coloured laser pointers that have loops on them so they can attach to your fingers.

TMD and the kids were all wearing pretty fucked up costumes, and TMD was intently making finger light patterns, pretending she was some sort of disco ball. (‘I want more of these. Make your mom send more. In fact, I want these on my fingers all the time. No, I want them to BE my fingers!’)

Wildly inappropriate music was pumping from the radio, and everyone was just dancing like loons.

Of course, yesterday morning the kids begged me to recreate the party. They’d already dumped out costumes and found the Finger Lights. Imagine their disappointment when I was unable to make the kitchen pitch black. Instead, we went on to do other wildly fun things, some of which may make an appearance here at some point.

In the meantime, happy Saturday. Sorry I have not responded to your commiseration comments regarding ivf not working. I read them all. Twice.


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