Feel the fear….and resist doing it anyway.


Progesterone has side effects that completely mimic early pregnancy. That is a mindfuck.

TMD bought pee sticks today. I am terrified of them.

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2 Responses to “Feel the fear….and resist doing it anyway.”

  1. pajamamommas Says:

    I agree that the whole progesterone symptoms thing is incredibly unfair. Fingers crossed for you guys!

  2. catsandcradles Says:

    I haaaaate that aspect of progesterone. Even if you get past the “is this real or psychosomatic?” issue, that a symptom is “real” doesn’t mean it was caused by natural, pregnancy-induced progesterone rather than the supplement. It makes me (a little bit more) crazy.

    They progesterone won’t cause a false positive on the pee sticks, though, so here’s hoping you get a nice positive when you do test!

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