5dp5dt. Most people would be testing now.


Still dutifully (and joyfully!) updating Symptom Tracker 2012. TMD is worried that she is psychosomatically creating our one main very hopeful symptom, but I don’t think she’s a psychosomatic kind of person. If anything, she veers wildly in the opposite direction and is more likely to downplay things.

However, she is really really reeeally wanting this to work, so who knows. The absolute earliest we would test would be Sunday, which is 8dp5dt (or 13dpo, for you non-ivf folk). The clinic wants us to test on the 16th, which is 10dp5dt. But it is sort of nice being in limbo, having this hope that this will work, that our family will grow. Neither of us is too keen on leaving this period, especially if the news is not good.

I’m finding it physically difficult to do all the work for the house and kids. Obviously the pregnancy has to take priority so I don’t MIND doing it, but wow. I’m sore.

I don’t have too much more to say, except that’s a lie because I have SO MUCH to say, but we will still wait on pregnancy stuff.

In other news, I’m skipping home ed group today. Partly because I’m sore, partly because I’m lazy, partly because I want to get some stuff sorted around here. We are visiting a friend later today, which will be much nicer anyway. Sometimes I need a no pressure day, and I think that if this pregnancy is, in fact, pregnancy…then things will only continue to get more demanding (and exciting!) and I have to get used to just saying fuck it once in awhile with no guilt attached.

Thank you all for all the comments. Helps feel like we are being cheered along!


One Response to “5dp5dt. Most people would be testing now.”

  1. mendylady Says:

    *sticky vibes*

    The earliest I get even a faint BFP is 13dpo, because I evidently (despite my body liking to cherish every vague possibility that comes along) make lowish levels of hCG. Or maybe it’s my short luteal phase? Dunno.

    Anyway, waiting won’t change the long-term answer, and prolongs that deliciousness. 🙂

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