EmbryoS transfer.


Starbuck’s bathrooms: an anonymous, safe place to have explosive nerve related diarrhoea.

Following said sickness (on both our parts, twice on mine), I gently encouraged TMD to drink two large bottles of water, since we knew she needed a full bladder. Holy jesus, this was a mistake. She was okay for awhile. We walked to the clinic, she got into the room, she was taken for an abdominal scan to check if her bladder was full. She changed into her hospital gown and we sat in the private room.

And that, folks, is where she became like that little girl in the Exorcist. She is one crazy, jittery, MEAN motherfucker when she needs to pee. (And Sara, I told her what you said about pre-transfer pee pain, and in her crazy fog of cruelty, she said you had jinxed her. I think she is over it now, though!)

After an eternity of waiting, the nurse, doctor, and embryologist came in. This is where our streak of Win! slowed down. It wasn’t great news. We did have two embryos that were much stronger than the others, but each of these embryos was rated the lowest they could be. No lower exists. C-C, for IVF buffs.

The embryologist strongly urged us to have two embryos transferred given the quality of the embryos, and we agreed. She looked really relieved, which slightly worried me. But obviously chances of pregnancy are greater with two rather than one, especially when neither is a sure thing. She said both were blastocysts and had a good number of cells…and, the best part, were ‘not rock bottom.’ Why, how very reassuring of you.

She did say that because of the number of cells in each, there was still a chance of a twin pregnancy. I was like, ‘But are these less than ideal embryos going to get her pregnant?’ Clearly they were all still obsessed with the twin thing, and she was all,’We’ve seen twin pregnancies from C-C embryos before, haven’t we doctor?’ to which the doctor chuckled and nodded. Okay, dude, whatever.

They are letting the other five embryos develop another twenty four hours, and they will check tomorrow to see if there are any they can freeze. Somehow I doubt it, but fingers crossed anyway. Hell, fingers crossed we won’t need them!

Into theatre. TMD was a real trooper and did well with the transfer, even though she lost feeling in her hands from the nerves. She was fantastic, our two embryo superheroes were transferred, and now we wait.

T minus ten days till the pregnancy test.


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11 Responses to “EmbryoS transfer.”

  1. mendylady Says:

    Continuing sticky vibes..

  2. Lyssie Says:

    I’ll be keeping everything crossed for you.

  3. Jenny Says:

    Fingers crossed and just enough dust to make at least one of them stick. ♡

  4. Jem Says:

    Fingers & toes crossed x

  5. Ellie Says:

    Oh I am hoping hoping for you all. So glad for TMD that she is now safely past the difficult transfer part.

  6. jenmum Says:

    Good luck, good luck, good luck!
    All fingers and toes crossed for you both 🙂

  7. makingfamilyfromlove Says:

    Keeping you both in my thoughts. Good luck!!

  8. mamacrowm Says:

    so glad TMD survived the transfer! Everything crossed xxx

  9. Winnie Says:

    holding my breath and crossing my fingers for you both!

  10. pajamamommas Says:

    Thinking of you guys! Hoping the 10 days fly past.

  11. Christy Says:

    I’m crossing everything I can for you guys.

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