Tomorrow is yet another Big Day in babymaking land.


Tomorrow is the big day – embryo transfer. It feels like it has been a very long time coming, and definitely like this cycle of IVF has been going on for a few months. Nuts, that whole ‘time is relative’ thing.

I’m too tired to write a whole lot. Suffice to say all of this stuff is still a no-mention-please on Facebook. And we are possibly verging into territory of even our parents not knowing what may be mentioned here. So mum is the word. Or, y’know, two mums are the word.

Har de har har.

Apparently we aren’t the only ones tomorrow. The nurse jauntily told TMD that we are all told to arrive at 9:30, and then women are taken in order of bladder fullness. How they decide that, I do not know. Her little info sheet did say ‘full/bursting bladder,’ so perhaps whatever woman passes out or goes into shock from one of her internal organs rupturing wins.

I am super tired, though. As soon as we are back in our home parts, I’m picking the kids up from Nana and dropping TMD off there. She’s going to spend the weekend there. And it’s really the least she deserves, but the selfish lady in me is wondering how I will survive all that time on my own, especially as I have been comatose lately. I really, really need my alone time to recharge and I think this weekend and next week may be challenging. Jesus. I hope I wake up in the night if they get up. I despise coffee, but feel it may make an appearance in my life soon..

Too bad we only have decaf everything, as caffeine is bad for your fertility. A trip to the shops may be in order. Or tell me your natural and powerful supplements.

At any rate, you’ll next hear from me tomorrow afternoon, after my gorgeous (and also very tired) wife is officially Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise.


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One Response to “Tomorrow is yet another Big Day in babymaking land.”

  1. mamacrowm Says:

    oh good luck good luck good luck! everything crossed!

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