Progress report number three.


The question on everyone’s mind seems to be whether or not we are going to freeze embryos. I’ll answer that in a minute.

First of all, an update. TMD just talked to the embryologist for a progress report. Only three embryos are now grade one, with the other four being grade one-two. They vary in the number of cells, from 7 to 11/12. So still pretty damn good, considering they are ‘supposed’ to be eight cells today.

The fearful part of me wonders if all this good news is going to come at a price.

The lab was satisfied that all embryos are developing as they should, so we are going ahead with a Saturday transfer. For those who have questioned why no anaethetist is available Saturdays….I think virtually all egg collections are done Monday morning at this clinic. And most of the embryo transfers probably happen on a Wednesday or Thursday. They normally have four egg collections on a Monday, though we were lucky number five this week. Even with that number of egg collections, we are still scheduled for the first embryo transfer on Saturday, which makes me wonder if we are the only ones. And people normally do not require sedation for embryo transfers, though a good number do request it.

Now, let’s take a moment to salute the super sperm. Those little guys must be from a magical teste for things to be developing as they are.

As far as freezing goes, it is included in the cost of eggsharing IVF (it wasn’t four year ago, and we didn’t have any embryos they could freeze anyway, as they only attempted with ‘perfect’ embryos). Storage is also included for a year.

So if there are embryos they can freeze, they will attempt to do so on Saturday or Sunday. We are going ahead with this, because it would be silly not to. Free freezing and storage also may add to our decision making process regarding one or two embryos.

I know I love twins, but they are fucking hard. However hard you imagine they may be, multiply that by about twenty and you may gain an appreciation of what the first two years with twins are like. The impact on our normal life would be huge, and seriously impact Snort and Coconut. That’s not to say we wouldn’t welcome and love another set of twins, only that things are different this time. It’s not just us to consider, and we already have children.

Again, no decision has been made. There are still serious implications in only transferring one – such as the possibility it won’t work, other embryos won’t freeze, and the cost of frozen embryo transfer itself. It’s not a huge amount, but it is still a good chunk of cash.

So we carry on. Our transfer is Saturday morning at 9:30. And, joy of joys, we get to wear deodorant.

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