Second fertilisation report.


Embryos are ….rated, for want of a better word, on two things: the number of cells, and the fragmentation. The number of cells ideally doubles every day, so by day three you have eight cell embryos.

TMD talked to the lab an hour ago. As of today, we have SIX four cell embryos and one two cell. This means that if they continue growing at a constant rate….please please….tomorrow we will have six eight cell embryos!

When you look at an embryo, it looks like a circle with little circles on the inside. Each of these little circles is a cell. Fragmentation is just what it sounds like; in the best case scenario, there is no fragmentation and the little circles are nice and neat. Fragmentation might look more messy – little extra pieces, etc. Grade one embryos are the highest quality embryos.

As of today, ALL of our embryos are grade one.

Ha ha….I’m four years older, cancel the cycle, things look ropey, FUCK YOU. Those embryos are kick ass, awesome and amazing.

I don’t know what shape our embryos were in on day two four years ago. What I do know is that on day three, we had two eight cell grade one star embryos, a seven cell, and other lower cell embryos. We started with eight, as opposed to this cycle’s seven, and only two kept growing in a ‘perfect’ fashion.

Of course, people get pregnant all the time without eight cell embryos. I have a friend with twins just younger than ours, and they were five and six cells.

Anyway, the nurses had a big talk with TMD. Because these embryos seem to be doing so well, touch wood, they really want to let them get to the next stage of development and do the transfer on Saturday. As I stated before, no sedation is available on the weekend. It’s not my place to talk about TMD and why she wants sedation, but she does. However, she is willing to take one for the team and go for the Saturday transfer. Seriously cross every one of your body parts that it is an easy, pain free procedure for her.

Where we stand now is that the clinic will call in the morning. If the embryos are continuing to develop at the same rate, we are on for a Saturday morning transfer. If not, we will do a transfer tomorrow.

Now the debate hots up in our house. If we have two ‘perfect’ embryos (or more?) at the blastocyst stage, do we transfer one or two?!?

We are lucky we seem to be getting to the point of having that decision to make, but oh what a decision it is.

Just a nice reminder. If you are my friend on Facebook, don’t mention any of this anywhere on my wall. No one knows we are going for anther pregnancy, and we don’t want them to. Thanks.


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11 Responses to “Second fertilisation report.”

  1. Lyssie Says:

    This is amazing news, I really hope everything goes to plan for you both. If by Saturday you have still have 7 at grade one is there a possibility that you’ll freeze some for the future or are you definitely done at 3 (4) children?

  2. mendylady Says:

    Yikes, I hope you deleted my referential comment from a couple days ago then! Sorry!!

    Ovaries crossed. Wishing you all the love I have spare in making an agonizing decision.

    Re the sedation: NOBODY”S BUSINESS BUT HERS!!! I think it’s poopy that it’s not available on weekends, which after all is when people are most likely to be able to devote time without other sacrifice.

  3. mamacrowm Says:

    confused as to why there is no sedations on the weekends. surely the anthestists are on shift work the same as everyone else? They’d still be attending the labour ward on a weekend, so what’s the problem?!
    Everything crossed it goes smoothly xxx

  4. Ellie Says:

    Well, really how wonderful! So happy for you all, keeping various bits crossed of course!

    (I too am wondering if you will freeze the non-chosen blasts? Of course, that’s nosy of me, but if they’re good candidates …).

  5. catsandcradles Says:

    Yay, embryos! Never having done IVF, I’m curious: is the embryo transfer similar to an iui, or a totally different procedure? Because if it’s like an iui… they aren’t what I’d do for fun, but they’re really not that unpleasant. I’m not saying that to denigrate TMD’s reasons for wanting sedation, just as a reassurance.

    Of course, it could be totally different, in which case I have no idea what I’m talking about, and you should just ignore me. Aside from the “Go, embryos!” part, of course.

  6. makingfamilyfromlove Says:

    Yippee! This is exciting news! I also want to throw in my 2 cents and say go for 2. Yes I know twins are tough (actually I don’t know as I don’t have any) BUTTT I would rather have twins than no baby at all.

    • me Says:

      That was my party line four years ago! Now I am not sure. I would love another set, but I’d also be happy with the kids we already have

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