A serious question.


When it looks like it is going to be a cold, rainy day, what do those of you who are at home with kids DO? I don’t think I can stay in all day today, especially as I’m feeling back to normal post egg collection.

I had the perfect thought of us going swimming, then realised if the embryo transfer is tomorrow, the last thing I should do today is get covered in chlorine.

I have this odd objection to going out, even when I really want to. At our old house I was Adventure Lady. Now I’m See The Inherent Problems In Everything Lady.

For instance, we have an amazing science museum we want to join. But I dread going there alone because it is underground, very tight, parking spaces and our car is huge. I’m the person who managed to scrape off the side of TMD’s little car the last time I parked in a similar place.

There is also a great activity with home ed people we could go to, but it is an outdoor thing. While rain does not scare me off, it’s also a real inconvenience and it promises to be chilly today.

I guess the solution is soft play, though it makes my soul shrivel up at the idea of going alone.

Tell me. Where do you go and what do you do on rainy days? And feel free to tell me how creative and awesome you are, even though it will make my inner pinterest hater weep juicy tears.

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12 Responses to “A serious question.”

  1. PottyMouthMommy Says:

    We are homebodies round my parts. And my little Gremlin is a serious lover of crafts. I give her paper and glue and she is happy for HOURS. Even though it only takes her mere minutes to completely papier mache/decoupage my entire kitchen table… We also like the library, which for us, is easy-peasy since we live in an itty bitty wee town and can walk anywhere (not that there’s much) we want to go. I wish I could give more ideas, but we are capital-P Poor, and it seems that doing anything in the city costs a ridic amount of money we just don’t have.

  2. mendylady Says:

    Lawl. About the same thing we do on sunny days, except without my trying to convince L to go outside,

  3. pajamamommas Says:

    I agree that rainy days can be tough with active kiddoes. At home we end up coloring or having a “band” (marching in circles around the house with shakers) or getting out the train set. If we start getting too antsy and need to get out of the house we often end up at the library (or occasionally, if we’re really desperate, at the indoor play area at the mall).

    • me Says:

      The library is a good one. I need to work that into our normal life anyway. Of course all the kids care about are the dumbass DVDs.

  4. mamacrowm Says:

    well to be honest, at the moment (I’ve just entered the third trimester) either we stay at home or papacrow takes them out wrapped up in macs and wellies! We watch documentaries, read books, play with lego, paint, cut and paste, play with plasticine, dress up, built tents… usual stuff. Maybe a film if it all goes to the dogs!

    Going out would be to a pre-booked sport or study appointment which would be indoors anyway, or possibly the library or local art gallery.

  5. Liv Says:

    After we’ve done the usual round of indoor stuff and totally trashed the house, sometimes we go on a bus or a train – just locally, but watching the world go past the window for a bit can be a change. Also sometimes pack a small picnic, drive the car to somewhere with a bit of a view and have an in car picnic – music on, drawing on the windows when they inevitably steam up, pretend driving while we’re parked etc. I know neither of these are going to fill a winter of wet days, but can get us out of the house for a little while during the day sometimes when I don’t really have the love for getting cold and wet. (Guess it helps to have a young transport enthusiast for these too).
    Sometimes also resort to soft play, but I do know what you mean about going by yourself.

    I’d love to say we can fill our days with craft, but it’s more like a 3 minute whirlwind and then he moves on. Cooking pizza or little cakes etc. sometimes lasts a bit longer, but I remember you already posting that you do that anyway. Sometimes we go to a big garden centre where they have pets and a lot of exotic fish – oh yes, I hang out at some top class joints!!
    Will be watching out for inspiration. Oh and have also heard good things about that science museum, (parking aside).

    • me Says:

      How do you know where we live? Ha. Have we talked on twitter?

      Busses and trains are big hits here. I think a train ride is in the near future. And if you are nearby, perhaps a joint soft play venture?

      • Liv Says:

        I know where you live because I only live about an hour and a quarter away and recognise your descriptions because I’ve been to your city a bunch of times and have friends who live the other side of that expensive bridge.

        Joint soft play or something would be cool – even museum maybe? We could park elsewhere…

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