Tomorrow is my last day with potential kids inside me. Soon the mantle gets passed to TMD.


Tomorrow is the first of several Big Days – the egg collection. Everyone please please cross all fingers and toes.

TMD’s mum is coming over at 5:45 am. We will have all clothes, medications, lunches, etc all laid out for her with written instructions nearby. She has to take Coconut to football – here’s hoping Snort’s coach will let her play, as I know he would love her to and it’s also cruel to expect her to sit on the sidelines and watch. We will offer the price of the session, so we shall see.

TMD and I have to be at the clinic for 8:15. As per last time, a water only shower (ick) and no deodorants, soaps, etc. The collection is at 11. I won’t write till afterwards, once we are back in this country and I am hopefully awake. Last night we reread blog entries (December 08) about my last egg collection, and they have made me nervous. And, of course, my nerves are compounded by worrying about how many mature eggs we will get.

Anyway. Every single step of IVF has been fraught, but in the grand scheme of things the egg collection, fertilisation and development, embryo transfer, and pregnancy test are what really matters. And we have to be due some luck, right?


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4 Responses to “Tomorrow is my last day with potential kids inside me. Soon the mantle gets passed to TMD.”

  1. Liv Says:

    Fingers and toes flexed and ready to cross. Good luck!

  2. mamacrowm Says:


  3. Jess Collingwood Says:

    I second mamacrowm’s comment! Everything crossed here as well! Good luck! ❤

  4. mendylady Says:


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