No step of this IVF is easy.


TMD has a lining thickness of 8.8. The minimum lining they need is 8. It appears I’m not the only one cutting it a bit tight.

She asked them what the nurse meant by that, and they said it referred to the number of eggs. They also told her to tell me I need to eat lots of protein, and the hopes are that more follicles will grow.

Before hearing any of the above news, I was already in breakdown mode. These hormones are killer. I’m going to choose to not worry. Her lining is thinner than mine was when I got pregnant, but it is still enough to foster a good pregnancy. My eggs may be fewer in number than last time, but at least I have eggs….let’s hope we have enough and the cycle can continue to move forward.

So rather than obsess over things I have no control over at this point, I’m going to eat some protein rich three bean chilli and watch a movie. TMD’s mum has the kids as I called her this morning and started crying Iike a lunatic because I couldn’t decide what to do today. I have to say, these horrible borderline hiccups with IVF and the accompanying emotions are more like what I expected IVF to be like the first time around. It’s just coming as a sort of shock because it wasn’t like this the first time around.

I hope this is not bad foreboding shit.

But on the bright side, the cycle is like 1500 cheaper than I thought it was going to be. So if eggsharing goes ahead, we aren’t hemmoraging as much money as we were going to.

Baby three, I want you. Your big sister and brother want you so very, very much (no, we’ve not told them we are trying, and no one has asked questions despite Coconut seeing us shoot ourselves up with needles). Your mummy wants you. I don’t know if the cat wants you, but I do know she likes babies better than three year olds.

So if you are out there in the magical ether, hear me. We are ready for you. You will have lots of fun and cuddles with us.

See you soon, and I promise that your in utero nickname probably won’t be as heinous as Mano or Torre, though if your mum has a weird dream giving her a nickname there’s not much I can actually do about that. Love you.


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