I poured boiling water on my hand
as I attempted to pour it into the sink to
because we’ve had the same cold for a month.

My ovaries are super sore. I guess
this is good. Grow, follicles,
grow and multiply.

The kids are naked, eating popcorn
in front of a DVD. I’ve just ordered two

My mom sent a big package.
Approximately half the stuff in it featured
peanut butter products. It made me laugh,
and also lock it away out of reach.

I’m wearing a very comfortable
sweatpants based outfit. My hair is
long and loose, like Ayla from
Clan of the Cave Bear.

That’s about it.


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2 Responses to “Today.”

  1. JD Says:

    I LOVE you talking in poems. I also love how you never lost that part of yourself that will always be 20, and unsure, and all too sure, and super strong. And I just love you.

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