IVF do it yourself.


You know what truly awful words are when you are utilising reproductive technology?

‘So, you’re giving half your eggs to your partner, and half to the same recipient as last time? Yes? Okay. Wow, well, we are cutting it a bit close. I’m going to talk to a doctor.’

And then you LEAVE ME ALONE IN A ROOM FOR FIVE MINUTES while I quietly sweat.

It was odd. Just one person was scanning me, and she gave me a post it note and a pen so I could write down my own follicle measurements as she did them. To the best of my recall, my right ovary has a 14, 12, 10.5, and three 10s. My left has five 10s and something else. My lining is 11. None of this worried me. Last time my counts were similar, I think, and they ended up getting 18 eggs out. And it did take me a couple of extra days to grow big enough to harvest them. I don’t recall at this point what they need to be. 18 mm? 20? Does anyone know?

So my first fear was that the nurse meant I didn’t have enough follicles to carry on with eggsharing. Upon reflection, I think (hope) she means that they aren’t big enough yet to count on a Monday egg collection, which is when they have me scheduled. I don’t care about that. As long as it doesn’t impact TMD’s cycle, anyway. Next Wednesday would be great in terms of her taking time off or it being the weekend for the embryo transfer.

At any rate, I did not seek clarification. I DID seek reassurance. Namely, wtf. My gonal-f has been upped from 200 to 300, and I asked if it would impact the ultimate number of eggs to start this dosage so late in the cycle. Se was all, ‘Take it easy, dude, this is only your first scan of the stimulation.’ So I was like, ‘Listen, dudette, last cycle they scanned me EVERY OTHER DAY from the fucking start, yo, not waiting a full week for the first scan.’

My next scan is Friday. So whatever wasn’t quite good enough today, in terms of quantity or size, has a few days to improve. Fingers crossed, crossed, crossed.


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2 Responses to “IVF do it yourself.”

  1. Lyssie Says:

    When they’re 20mm they’re ready to go. They say anything over 16mm can develop into a fully blown egg. Hope that helps.

  2. cindy Says:

    They want them to be at least 18mm

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