A first class ramble.


I feel like I am packing for a week away somewhere with variable weather. Full on rain jackets, light rain jackets, spare clothes, toy/book bags for travel, books/stickers for the clinic, lunch and snacks, potty, on and on and on and ON.

It feels silly, really, as it’s not like we are going to be away from the car for ages, but we will be away over lunch and having two very long car rides and two medium bus rides. And some walking. And both kids are sick, did I mention? Snort is back on oral steroids, and our cranky pal Coconut is running a fever. Awe-some.

I’ve had some hella discounts on backpacks for the kids. They aren’t cool hiking packs like I wanted, but Coconut is thrilled with hers, and Snort is anxiously waiting for his to come in the post. They should be big enough to hold their own lunches, water bottles, change of clothes, and love objects. That will cut down my load, though for trips where we will be away from the car for hours, I’m still lugging the damn potty around.

Yes, Snort is *touch wood* accident free. He did the same as Coconut. The first two days he had two pees on the floor, but none since then. I thought poop would be a major problem since he was holding it and just crapping himself while asleep, but he has also sorted that. Folks, this whole wait till they decide to use the potty thing is marvellous. No struggles. No months of potty training. No angst…apart from wondering if you will have the only two kids still in nappies come 2020.

But when can I stop all the spare clothes bullshit? I think I could with Coconut. I literally cannot imagine her having an accident. But the real pain is the damn potty. They are handy in the house, as the kids can just go about their business without needing to involve me. But they suck in public. Cleaner than gank nasty public toilets, I guess. We do have those seats that fit on the big toilets, so I suppose at some point I’ll change to carrying one of those. I like the security of the potty, though. Hrm.

Anyway. I still have to pack food for our journey. I always think it is nuts to have to bring so much stuff, but in reality we have the minimum. It’s just bulky.

Am I the only one who does not carry a first aid kit around? All those YouTube ‘what’s in my diaper bag videos’ showcase extensive medical supplies, stain sticks, and the like. I’m like, wtf. Medical supplies? If you have water with you, you can rinse any blood off and AWAY YOU GO.

Granted, perhaps I am jaded because I have to carry a large amount of actual medical supplies. Epipen, hardcore antihistamine, syringes, spoons, spacer, two inhalers, and copious paperwork. That big ass Tupperware box is the reason I’ll never be able to use a small bag, even once I leave spare clothes and potties behind.

But let’s hope we need big bags for a long time. Bring on baby three!


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One Response to “A first class ramble.”

  1. Mel Bowman Says:

    My son potty trained almost two years ago and I still try to make sure I have spare clothes somewhere nearby. He hasn’t had an accident in all this time, but the child is a magnet for mud and puddles and spilled drinks…

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