Gymnastics a go go. Go go go, actually.


Snort LOVES gymnastics. The coach was blown away by him, and was saying how impressed she was. I was, too. He was somehow fearless and very graceful, like some athlete slumbers in him and woke up on the trampoline.

Coconut was very different than usual. She kept apologising for not being very good, when in fact she’s getting better each time she goes. She’s starting to notice and copy the coach doing the finer points of floor exercises, like keeping her toes pointed ….and today she did the press up position and front upside down stretch (or whatever they are fucking called!) for the first time.

She was very concerned about Snort. She was quick to tell him to do things like her, showing him the ropes, etc. Sort of bossing him/looking out for him, and then also comparing herself to him and obviously feeling she was coming up short. He was very confident. After being shown how to essentially hang over an eight foot drop, then allow himself to fall, he ran off and did it by himself later in the session. I hasten to add this is not exactly legit as I should have been with him, but regardless he did it perfectly with no hesitation.


He had to come along this week as their Nana is on holiday. He also has to go next week as I’ll be having a scan for IVF. After that? I think we will keep her having an alone session on Fridays, and perhaps take them both to another session in the week together. I hope it doesn’t cool her enthusiasm, but as she asks every day if she can go, it may be okay. He looks to be the same, asking to go back immediately. And he is a child who does not happily enjoy himself the first time in a new place without lots of reassurance. But he practically ignored me today!

Afterward we had a picnic in the park. I pulled Coconut aside and asked if she preferred to come by herself or with her brother. She whispered, ‘By myself.’ She is keen to come two times a week, as she did love him coming along, but I think it’s better for her confidence if she still has her own time with all my focus.

Shit is about to get expensive. Three gym sessions a week. But I do have the feeling that this gymnastics club is going to be in our lives for a long time. I felt it the first time we walked in, actually.

Snort now wants Coconut to come to football with him. I don’t doubt she’d like it, but there’s no way we can afford that. My original plan was to have them each have one special thing per term, and they could change classes if they wanted to try something new at the end of the term, or sooner if they wanted. And then maybe a class together. I need to remember that this new double gymnastics thing actually follows my original hopes, especially when the costs mount up.

I have big twin mama guilt, and don’t want Snort to miss out on gymnastics. I KNEW he would like it. And Coconut would do gymnastics all day every day if she could. The crazy stage mother in me (don’t worry, no full glitz pageants in our future!) is already envisioning them as the most awesome twins in the kiddy gymnastics competitions.


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