The one where I neglect that I’m going to start writing Herotica to supplement our income, if I ever bother to do so.


Okay. WordPress will not let me put a donate button up on the side. It’s like it KNOWS that I have been struggling with the whole anonymous blog thing lately. I yearn to start a public one, with real faces in pictures, and more information about us. But then I wouldn’t blog about IVF or things, so this blog is still my numero uno. And every other time I’ve started a second blog I’ve let it crash and burn, even when it was doing quite well.
So anyway. Hopefully the button in this entry will work.

If three of you only donate 1.00 Unit of My Money each, that shit pays for one bus journey to the IVF clinic. Or, you know, six of you can donate .50 each and accomplish the same thing. Go ahead. You know you want to.

(And thank you, whether you do or do not, because whether you realize it or not, this blog is my strongest link to sanity and community. So you just reading these words helps me.)

Oh HELL no. It won’t let my link go up in a post, either. The address to donate is my email address, if you know that. Assuming I know who you are in an internet sort of way, I’m happy to give you that info. Failing that, does anyone know how to get a paypal donate button in a wordpress blog?!

Update two: I have an ugly, but apparently working, link to paypal at the top of this entry. For your info, should you need it, WordPress requires the email link to put in posts, as it will not allow the website code. Once I figure out how to fix the above link, I may desperately try to make the donate button on the side work. I guess all my a href= mad skillz from 1996 no longer work in the real world.


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