Starting IVF stimming today, all going well!


It occurred to me that I did not have a baseline scan for IVF. You know, when they check out the old ovaries, womb, and count how many follicles I have. Things have changed a lot in the last four years….it seems a lot more free flying these days.

So anyway. Today’s scan should be checking that my uterine lining is clear (or just about, since I’m still bleeding….side note, please god let me remember to take out my reusable menstrual cup and leave it at home, because it would be pretty awkward what with the dildocam scan!), and that things in general are still looking good.

It also marks my first major trip out alone since the kids were born. I’m scared, y’all. It’s like having children has made the concept of going out with a small bag, no snacks, lunch, spare clothes, or special items included very foreign. It should be awesome! I’m leaving very early for the scan….three hours early…so will arrive in the city with plenty of time for lunch and maybe some aimless wandering, I hope. Future trips in will be once my ovaries are already dripping with eggs, which does get to be uncomfortable, so today is my day to enjoy.

Assuming I can navigate there in the first place.

But hey. The sun is shining, I may be carrying a Sharps container full of used needles on a bus, and I’m now making TMD give me all my injections. Life is good.


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One Response to “Starting IVF stimming today, all going well!”

  1. pajamamommas Says:

    Sounds like a lovely opportunity to take yourself out on a date!

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