Follicle confusion, take one.


Okay, I am majorly confused. I THOUGHT at this first scan last time that they counted follicles to make sure I had enough, but not too many, and assumed it would be the same today. But then TMD had her drama over, ‘oh my god! You might have a follicle and therefore we may have to cancel the cycle!’ I assumed I was wrong, because we have both been on the exact same medication and were scanned at the exact same point in our cycle.

And at my scan today, lo and behold, follicles were counted. Seven on the right, eight or nine on the left.

So what gives?

I was going to ask, to satisfy the nerd in me, but then I had my own drama. No, not my uterus. The lady scanning me was all awed and said, ‘Look, it’s perfect! Just perfect!’. But the fact the I was taking my current meds at seven am. Apparently they want the reduced dose of suppressants taken at the same time as the stimulant hormones. And minds were blown because I was supposed to start the stims today but times wouldn’t match up. So as per my obsessive prediction, I’ve lost a day and start the stims tomorrow morning. Two injections for the price of one!

The nurse showed me where to inject today. Whoops. Apparently the few times it has hurt like a mofo is because the inch on either side of your belly button, above and below, is full of nerves. There’s a piece of info I bet you did not know.

Anyway. It was easy to get to the new location – same city, new ritzy office in city centre – but also a massive trek. Next Tuesday I’m taking Snort and Coconut….and Fil(father in law). It is probably going to be agony.

Okay. The TMD home time countdown is on. I have to pray madly for the next thirty minutes that she magically comes home twenty five seconds early.

(I had a scan! We counted follicles! They were good! We are moving forward!)


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2 Responses to “Follicle confusion, take one.”

  1. infertilitydoessuck Says:

    great follie count!!!

  2. pajamamommas Says:

    Sounds like good news! I hope TMD made it home quickly.
    And a trip with you and 2 kiddoes and F-i-L…yikes! That sounds much less pleasant than your plans for today.

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