Babies cost money.


Well, the doctor said it is a cyst. I hope she is right, and not just proceeding because I am an egg donor. I think they are a very ethical clinic, though, so things should be okay. My first scan is tomorrow.

It has been suggested that I put up a PayPal donation button on my blog. I’ve always resisted this, perhaps feeling not worthy, but actually I think I will do so. It costs 6 Units Of My Money (UOMM) to cross a bridge into the country the clinic is in, and then a further 3 UOMM to park the car outside the city centre and get the bus in. So 9 UOMM every trip (plus fuel for a 2.5 hour round trip!), and we are both there a lot. It’s the little hidden costs of IVF that suck your bank account dry, folks. Ad I guess the huge actual costs don’t help.

The other family making news is that we are still waiting on TMD adopting Snort and Coconut. I am pissed about this. As soon as we muster the energy, we are going to write the courts to see if anything can be done. It has been suggested we may be allowed a private adoption. You see, Snort and Coconut will never be a priority because they are safe and happy. So they keep getting pushed aside for the children in care. I don’t begrudge those kids, but I also don’t think it’s too much to ask for us to finally legally be a full family with equal protection under the law.

I think it’s fucking ridiculous to have to pay privately, but if we do we are looking at another couple of grand. And we are willing to do so because we’d rather just get her name on their birth certificates as soon as possible. Thankfully this won’t be an issue with New Baby, as we will both be on there automatically. The law changed four months after the kids were conceived, don’t you know. We are probably the last lesbian couple in Country B still waiting for this adoption to move forward.

So yeah. I’m going to put a donation button up soon.


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One Response to “Babies cost money.”

  1. PottyMouthMommy Says:

    and I’d be first in line to donate if I weren’t so damn broke!!! Hope the cycle goes well!! I’ll be sending good preggo vibes your way!!!

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