IVF snag. Bastards.


Well, shit.

We may not be able to carry on with IVF. TMD had her scan. They’ve found something on one of her ovaries. If it is a follicle, the cycle is cancelled. So we are hoping it is a cyst. Apparently if it is a follicle it means she will lose her lining.

Doctor needs to take a look at scan and call her later. If they think it is a follicle she needs a blood test to make sure it isn’t. Fuck a duck. This is already screwing with her work. Let’s hope it is a cyst, especially as she tells me they found something last time – a fact I did not know. But if it is the same something it is unlikely to be a follicle.

I’m this close to just saying let’s go ahead and just do the cycle and get ME pregnant. But I know that is crazy. So everyone cross your fingers things can move on and we can get a healthy pregnancy going up in her vajizzle.



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6 Responses to “IVF snag. Bastards.”

  1. infertilitydoessuck Says:

    I hope its a cyst…did they not suppress her enough with birth control pills?

    • me Says:

      She’s been on the pill to synch her to my cycle, but is now off the pill. She’s been taking suppressant injections, and I would assume they usually get the job done. So fingers crossed for cyst!

  2. mendylady Says:

    heh. I’d be super close to that, too.

    *success vibes*

  3. mamacrow Says:

    oh gosh (((HUGS))) and everything crossed

  4. pajamamommas Says:

    How incredibly frustrating! Fingers crossed that this is easily sorted out.

  5. Winnie Says:

    hugs and good karma your way!!

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