IVF rolls on.


Yesterday I got a panicked message from TMD – the clinic had called. Through a series of spectacular errors, they did not have results from her Hep B Core on file, so she had to run out from work and drive to another fucking country to pay a LOT of money to get her blood drawn.

And afterwards, she had to find a bookstore with maps because her wife was lost in bad traffic and crying on the phone. But that is neither here nor there.

She stopped the pill a little less than a week ago. I took my last pill yesterday. A side note: my moods were fantastic this cycle. Something to consider should my PMDD be horrible in months to come. I’d prefer to NOT take medicine, but still.

Injections are still going good. TMD’s tummy looks like she’s being attacked every morning and the bruising is quite fantastic. I have no bruising but the meds do often feel quite stingy, whereas she rarely seems to feel the meds.

Her first scan is tomorrow, which is apparently the official day the clinic considers the first day of real treatment. I’m going to make her ask about ICSI, since the nurse she saw yesterday told her prices (donate to me. Really. I’ll give you my PayPal address. Ha.) and ICSI was mentioned as, ‘Oh, you pay for that only if you need it.’ Last time, ICSI (injecting a sperm into each egg) was an automatic part of treatment in a donor cycle, to give you the best chance of as many eggs fertilising as possible, since of course even once they fertilise they still need to develop.


That’s where we are. She’s going to tell her boss today what is going on, because despite the fact that her work is very uptight, the benefits of telling outweigh the benefits of not telling. I have to go make chocolate stuffed bananas with the kids for breakfast. Yeah.

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One Response to “IVF rolls on.”

  1. mamacrow Says:

    oh gosh. major ((((HUGS)))) to you both! totally put a paypal donate button up in a corner of your blog. i can only a spare a little bit but I’m sure lots of people would be able to spare just a little bit & it all adds up xxx

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