Football is good.


Posting from the car. Sitting here while my stomach begins to eat surrounding organs, as Snort is passed out in the back.

So. Football update. What the FUCK.  It was awesome. I know, I didn’t expect it either. He was still Snort, but was listening and following instructions and just running with this beautific smile. His only main hitch was when a baby sibling of another kid started crying, he needed to make sure the baby was okay.

He also self regulated two ‘rests’ near the end when he was tired, but lasted a lot longer than last week.

The other thing? He was more into socializing and making friends than the other boys last week – I consistently notice this with both kids. Twins can be far more socially advanced, according to literature and our experience.

But unfortunately, Snort is sometimes the victim of behavior he finds intimidating, sad, or upsetting. He’d never snatch a toy, be violent, or gang up to be mean – and finds it very distressing when other boys behave so towards him. It’s only happened a couple of times at home ed meets, but I find it heartbreaking and think about it for days.

So imagine my relief and joy when he is a sought after kid at football. The very assured kid who seems more like fifteen than three apparently was asking after Snort all week. He copied most of what Snort did – actually, so did the others, much to my amusement.

The other thing? I will be writing a Snort potty post soon, but for now let’s say that he wore underpants out of the house for the first time today, by his request, and we didn’t need the 756 spare shorts and underpants that I brought along.

So. Weird. But a great morning, all things considered.


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