Adventures in football.


Today is Snort’s second football session. It’s giving me diarrhoea. No kidding. Why, you ask? Well, today we have to commit if we are going to commit. Pay a shitload of money and have twelve more weeks. Or we decide to not pay and go back.

I don’t really know how to describe last week’s session. He liked it more than he didn’t like it, I think, but also spent much of the time running around in giant loops and ignoring most of what the coach said. None of that bothers me, but it does bother me that he had a huge crying jag, screaming, ‘I don’t like football anymore! Nana’s house! Nana’s house please!’

Admittedly he was coming off a major asthma incident and his breakdown came after a half hour of solid running. I just want the kid to enjoy himself, you know? I think he’s exceptionally bright (I know all parents think these things), and I see a lot of parallels between school and these football sessions. I don’t want his individuality or approach to life to begin the slow grinding down to make him conform.

But I think he is okay with being him. I chatted with the coach afterwards to suss him out, and he said he was fine with Snort being Snort and running around, it was no problem. So I guess I just need to be okay with it, too! I mean, I am, but …I don’t know. Football made me uncomfortable. Probably didn’t help that the other two boys played football with their dads all the time and watched it on tv a lot. Snort has never seen football on tv!

I’m torn between thinking this will be ‘good for him’ in some way, and thinking that that’s a shitty way to think. He’s only three and I want the focus to be on him exploring the world and experiencing joy when he can. Not learning to run endless drills. It did make me laugh because the torturous running back and forth obviously featured moving footballs from one end of the gym to the other. He quickly grasped the end objective and grabbed as many balls as possible, trying to get the job done quickly. This completely bypassed the whole point the coach was trying to put across.

I felt sort of proud of him. He’s a quick thinker, a problem solver, a free spirit, a gentle and loving boy with heaps of energy and imagination. I just hope he likes today. And that I’m wise enough to trust my own intuition as I stumble along this endlessly responsible path of motherhood.


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