Today’s dose of obsessive worry.


Let’s be honest. If you were reading my blog through IVF and pregnancy last time, you expect me to be at least a little… Obsessive, worrying, crazy. So let’s just get today’s dose out of the way.

I have lost a day of stimming, not gained, because if I do shots at seven am I will be unable to do shots the same day of my scan, which is at two pm. Unless I take the two meds at different times, which is a mild pain in my ass.

Now that I’ve put that out there, I’m going to release it. And trust that my clinic will let me know what to do when it comes closer to the time.

Peace out.

PS My first shot was uneventful, aside from a slight stinging and the above train of thought which began as soon as the needle came out of my skin! Ha.


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