IVF plods merrily forward, while my son runs in circles with long hair and a hippie attitude.


Today was Snort’s first day of football/soccer. It was….interesting. Let’s say he’s a free thinker and problem solver, and perhaps leave it there for now. And, of course, that he is one cute mofo.

IVF is scooting along. I’ve only given TMD the one bruise on her tummy, the day the injection drew a bead of blood, so…not too bad. Four years ago when we did this the first time and I was having what felt like hundreds of shots, I only got one bruise and it was caused by TMD. So maybe this is karmic hematoma retribution and I won’t bruise her again.
I think my injections start tomorrow. I need to check before bed, but I don’t feel phased. I’m only feeling moderately excited, compared to how impatient I was to start everything off last time. My birthday has played a signifcant role in both of these IVFs, though, as it hits this year on the second day of injections.

The first time around, our first consulation was on my 30th birthday. We met with the doctor and various nurses, I had a crying jag outside the clinic, we had dinner with two close friends and I cried some more, and then TMD let my crazy puffy eyed self into a huge surprise party. I should mention it was my first and only surprise party, and I was genuinely surprised. Oh boy WAS I.

But I digress.

I was going to do my injections in the evening, but my obsessive compulsive self is recommending I do them in the morning alongside TMD. This is because when I start stimming (taking the drugs that will help produce a nice, big crop of eggs), if I’ve injected in the morning it gives me an extra day on the calender. Last time I recall I took two or three extra days before the expected date of my egg retrieval, and one of those days was because my shots were lateish in the evening. While of course I have no actual control over what date they harvest the eggs (though I can tell you the clinic expects this to be the first Monday in October, and I am placing all bets on the Wednesday) and it doesn’t really matter when they do, because we have to work around it, I still may give myself that extra day.

The last hurdle I have to jump before the eggsharing cycle is my scan. I have to have a good number of follicles in order for the cycle to proceed, otherwise it is abandoned or we have to pay full price for IVF. The doctor said someone with my AMH hormone level should have no problem with the number of follicles, and I have no reason to disbelieve her, so we shall see. That scan is on 18th of this month.

Seems impossibly far away, but I know the time will fly. If all goes well, I’ll start stimming on that day.

TMD stops the pill soon. I stop the pill next week. Let’s hope everyone, including the anonymous recipient, has a nice period right on time and we are all synched up for this cycle.

Baby making, away!



IVF for noobs:

we take the pill to get our menstrual cycles aligned

we take injections to suppress our body’s natural hormones. these continue throughout.

TMD takes pill to build her lining

I take stimming injections to grow big juicy eggs. lots of them.

egg retrieval – needles, my vagina, me conked out my head on sedation

icsi – sperm injected into eggs, hopefully fertilizing

embryo transfer – an embryo is transferred into TMD’s uterous

pregnancy test – hopefully telling us she’s all knocked up!

the end of ivf and start of life with a preggo wife/three children


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2 Responses to “IVF plods merrily forward, while my son runs in circles with long hair and a hippie attitude.”

  1. Lyssie Says:

    Keeping everything crossed for you.

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