IVF help!! Where do the damn injections go?


Was all set to write about how yesterday’s injection was no biggie. I’m going to say right now that you should go go back in time and read this.It’s the story of my very first (first by ourself, no nurse) fucked up injection during out IVF cycle that conceived Snort and Coconut.

TMD asked me to do her injection as she didn’t remember how. We declined going in for a teach session for the suppressant injections as they are pretty straightforward. She reclined on her back, pinched her belly, and blam-o. Have to say I felt very queasy yesterday; something about giving injections to someone other than myself. So my slight wooziness meant the needle approached her skin rather slowly, and when it hit her tummy she slightly shifted and made a weird noise, and I quickly pulled the needle away. She was like, ‘Dude, just keep going. No matter what I do or say.’

So, yes, a bit different than multiple failed attempts ending in a syringe hanging out of someone’s stomach while they laugh uncontrollably.

This morning was different, and not just because she woke me from a deep slumber and I could barely see straight. I did it a bit lower, and it caused a tiny amount of bleeding. And there was a drop of blood on the tip of the needle! This shit freaked me out. I know TMD has very little belly fat, but she said this morning stung and now I am worried I somehow injected this shit into a vein. I do recall from my last IVF cycle that some days stung and some days felt nothing, so I do think the pain factor is variable and that is normal. But the blood!

So I am a bit crazy because now I am obsessed with WHERE exactly these injections should go. I remember we alternate sides, but is it level with belly button? Below? Our clinic isn’t open on the weekend. I may try to call the big city version of our clinic and see if they are available today, but did any of you do IVF? Where on the belly do you do these injections? I don’t want to screw things up. She’s on ( and I’ll be on the same in a few day) Suprecar/Buserelin. Thank you!


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